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Hyperthymic personality (person with chronically elevated mood) - people who are constantly characterized by elation and total optimism. Temperament has a reduced sensitivity (sensitivity), the high reactivity and activity, the accelerated rate of reaction, increased emotional excitability and plasticity.

These people are energetic, rapidly respond to new things, adventurous and sometimes prone to adventurism, as a rule, friendly, sympathetic, generous to ext ... Read more »
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Personality - a psychological term that defines a person as a bearer of public social relations. It manifests itself individually unique combination of psychological variables like the makings of a (natural preconditions for the development of abilities), ability (personality traits, giving her opportunity to learn successfully), temperament (permanent and stable individual unique natural properties of the individual, determining the dynamics of mental activity, reg ... Read more »
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The main symptom is a violation of samosoznayaniya that shows a distorted perception of self as a whole with a sense of loss or distortion of its unity and the exclusion of some of its physiological or psychological symptoms.

Depersonalization may occur as a separate syndrome, as well as a member of the structure of other psychopathological conditions.

There are the following forms of depersonalization:
somato-psychic ... Read more »
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Consciousness - the higher integrative mental process. It takes place in the waking state cognitive reflection of the objective world and himself, the subject contributes to adaptation to the environment.

Confusion - total disintegration of all mental activity, consisting in a qualitative change in the content of consciousness, in his "perversion." In contrast to the confusion in the mind off the reflection is present, but its content is not an objective real ... Read more »
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Neurasthenia is defined by the phenomena of increased physical or mental fatigue, inability to relax, need a long rest, and the decline in performance, somatovegetativnyh symptoms, muscle pain, tension headaches, dizziness, indigestion, sleep disturbances.

The painting is dominated by neurasthenia dislike of bright lights, loud noises, strong smells. Deterioration may be due to mental stress or bad weather. The above symptoms can not be separated from the lab ... Read more »
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Obsessive syndrome (syndrome of obsession) - a state dominated the clinical picture of feelings, thoughts, fears, memories, desires arise in addition to patients, but in the minds of their pain, and a critical attitude towards them. Despite the understanding of the senselessness of obsessions, patients are powerless in their attempts to overcome them.

Obsessions are divided into:
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Neurosis - a psychogenic mental disorders, personality disorders, resulting from a violation of especially significant relationship between man and life are manifested in specific clinical phenomena in the absence of psychotic phenomena.

For neurosis is characterized by:

reversibility of pathological disorders, regardless of their duration, presence of traumatic situation ... Read more »

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