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Endocervicitis - Diagnosis and Treatment

Endocervicitis - Diagnosis and Treatment

Endocervicitis is usually accompanied by erosion and pseudo cervical ectropion, colpitis, endometriosis and other inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system. Pathogens endocervical inflammation may be as specific and nonspecific microorganisms, as well as fungi and viruses. Penetrating injuries and infections contribute to the manipulation of the cervix during childbirth, abortion, IUD insertion, diagnostic curettage. Inflammatory response depends on the endocervical patognennosti agent and the reactivity of the host. The disease has a tendency to long-term flow, clinical manifestations are sometimes erased from the beginning.

Clinic endocervicitis

Patients complain of whites mucopurulent character, sometimes - dull pain of low intensity in the lower abdomen. Objectively, there hyperemia and edema of the mucous of the cervix, more pronounced in the acute stage and at least - when chronic. When viewed in the mirror and colposcopy are clearly visible redness around the cervix, lung edema due to the protrusion of the mucosa, sometimes due to erosion and desquamation of epithelial desquamation, excessive purulent or muco-purulent discharge. In the chronic stage, often determined by pseudo-separated from the channel muddy, slimy. The cervix is usually thickened and compacted. When colposcopy is defined diffuse hyperemia, presence of vascular loops, swelling around the cervical canal and the presence of pseudo.

Diagnosis endocervicitis

For a complete diagnosis, in addition to typical clinical symptoms, you must install the agent process. For this purpose, bacteriological, smear, serum and other available methods.

Treatment endocervicitis

Treatment endocervicitis includes causal treatment, taking into account the sensitivity of the pathogen to antibiotics. In the acute stage of local procedures are contraindicated because of the danger of infection of the overlying genital tract. After subsiding acute effects can be applied physiotherapy treatment - a topical treatment in accordance with the peculiarities of etiology endocervicitis. With failure of conservative treatment can be applied diathermocoagulation, cryosurgery, laser treatment for pseudo-parallel. At the same time to treat concomitant genital and extragenital diseases.

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