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Main » Gynecology » Bartholinitis - inflammation of the Bartholin gland 
Bartholinitis - inflammation of the Bartholin gland

Bartholinitis - inflammation of the Bartholin gland

Bartholinitis, inflammation of the large vestibule glands (Bartholin glands) Called often gonococcus, staphylococcus, streptococcus rarely, Escherichia coli, Trichomonas and other pathogens, usually infiltrating duct gland secretions from infected vagina or urethra.

The emergence of bartholinitis possible non-compliance with hygiene of sexual organs, weakening the body, disrupting samoochischaemosti vagina, sexually transmitted diseases.

It is more common unilateral lesion Bartholin gland. Inflammatory edema may clog the duct cancer, preventing the release of purulent secretions, which, lingering in the channel, stretches it, forming a cyst (false abscess). When duct obstruction and delay of pus in it Bartholin gland is painful, enlarged, and sometimes reaches the size of chicken eggs.

In rare cases, inflammation can capture directly to breast tissue, while there is a true abscess with purulent fusion of the prostate and surrounding tissue. Pus formation can spontaneously opened with the expiration of a thick yellow-green content, after which the state is improving.

The inflammatory process may subside on their own without suppuration. In this case there is a slight increase in the seal and gland. However, quite often after a while the inflammatory process is resumed and complicated. Initially, the disease may not cause great anxiety: a small seal at the entrance to the vagina is slightly painful, and sometimes felt a tingling in the perineum, burning. If deterioration appears sharp pain in the vulva, aggravated by movement and sexual intercourse, increasing the temperature to 38 - 39 ° C or higher, chills.

Treatment bartholinitis prescribed by the physician. Timely access to a doctor, a gynecologist with the appearance of even a small and maloboleznennogo seal at the entrance of the vagina will prevent progression of the disease and possible complications requiring surgical intervention. In the initial stages of recommended bed rest, analgesic, and conducted antibiotic therapy, with deterioration requiring hospitalization Sexuality is contraindicated because of possible infection with a partner or a festering cancer prevention is to comply with the rules of personal hygiene, exclusion of casual sex, the treatment of vulvitis, vaginitis, urethritis.

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