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Waiting list for liver transplantation

Waiting list for liver transplantation

Every patient who needs surgery for a liver transplant, paid on a waiting list for liver transplantation. Waiting list is a document of registration of patients who need liver transplants, and have been a number of mandatory surveys which do not have contraindications to surgery and gave written informed consent to its implementation. Patients included in the waiting list, known as potential recipients.

In the waiting lists contain basic information about each patient, which when you are a donor, allow for optimal selection of the recipient. Such information includes name, name patient, date of birth, blood type, Rh factor, data on height, weight, chest circumference, abdominal circumference. The presence and degree of esophageal varices, information about previous surgical interventions carried out in the abdominal cavity, the results of virological examinations, data on hepatitis B vaccination, the date of entering into a waiting list, the degree of urgency of the operation. These are constantly updated view of the listing of new patients, changes in patient status, etc.

The patient can not be added to the waiting list for organ donor in the presence of any foci of infection outside the body, to be replaced because they can cause complications in the post-transplantation period.

In the waiting list for liver transplantation, usually, there are four degrees of urgency. When y1, the patient may be under the supervision of an outpatient, with 2nd - from time to time to treat complications in hospital, with third - the patient always requires care and treatment in hospital, at the 4th - the patient is in intensive care unit, the approximate life expectancy - 7 days. In this situation, liver transplantation is needed in the next 24 hours.

After making the waiting list for a patient under constant follow-up. Identification of possible contraindications to liver transplantation, performed virological and bacteriological examination. If necessary, patients are vaccinated against hepatitis B, evaluated liver function, cardiovascular respiratory, renal function. The patient received symptomatic treatment of complications (encephalopathy, manifestations of portal hypertension, anemia, etc.) are being psychotherapeutic work with patients and relatives of the upcoming operation.

More than 30 years of experience in liver transplantation has shown that with proper post-operative run by about 70% of recipients of donor liver showing a ten-year survival.

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