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Angular conjunctivitis

Angular conjunctivitis

Angular (corner) or conjunctivitis diplobatsillyarny is getting to the mucous membrane of the eye-diplobatsilly Moraksa Aksenfelda. This organism is resistant to very low ambient temperatures and can be a long time in cold water. Infection occurs through dirty hands, towels, bed linen, washing with water containing the pathogen.

The patient appears severe itching, stinging and burning sensation around the eyes. Because of this, the patient often has to blink, and the patient feels pain. In the corners of the eyes there is redness, Teschin to get wet and did not heal. Discharge from the eye is usually viscous, but the quantity is small. The mucus may cover the cornea and interfere with vision. Accumulating over night conjunctival sac contents form the corners of his eyes tight clumps.

Treatment of angular conjunctivitis.

For the treatment of this disease is appointed by instillation into the eye drops or ointments laying containing zinc. The disease is most often chronic, so the treatment lasts for several weeks. Without treatment, these conjunctivitis can last a very long time, for many years. Complications of the cornea are rare.

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