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Therapeutic walking

Walking as a prevention of intermittent claudication

For diseases of lower limb arteries is characterized by such symptoms as intermittent claudication. It lies in the fact that when a certain distance, in the lower extremities - usually the calf, but may in any other parts of the legs - there is some discomfort or pain. These pains occur after the patient begins to walk and run after a rest. Intermittent claudication occurs when rapidly climbing stairs.
Prevention of intermittent claudication

Intermittent claudication - one of the main symptoms of arterial disease of lower extremities. Therefore, its prevention is the prevention of these diseases. Your doctor may recommend that you change your lifestyle, stop smoking, reduce obesity. In addition, he may advise you to walk. When walking, increases blood flow, improves the microcirculation in the tissues of the legs. There are special programs for medical walk - health path. Terrenkur - this is metered by distance, time and angle of ascent on foot, the method of training, as well as the treatment of patients with certain forms of cardiovascular and other diseases. And if the simpler, the health path - a method of treatment dosage walking on specially organized routes.

Some recommendations for clinical walking:

  • Engage in walking more than 3 times a week
  • Periodically increases the load when walking or increase the distance
  • Limit smoking
  • Normalize the weight
  • For best results, be engaged in walking 3-6 months
  • How to deal with medical walking?

Medical Walk begins with a gradual load. At first, 30 minutes is enough to get 2 - 3 km. Set yourself a goal - to get to a certain number of steps than were yesterday, up to a floor above, to reach a certain landmark, etc. Do not forget that you train not to speed, and endurance. Having engaged in therapeutic walking, do not interrupt classes. Walk in any weather, on a daily basis. After a 2-2 1 / 2 months so you get used to it that you will not be difficult to go a great distance.

Especially useful for obese people walking. Here it is contraindicated to run because of a large gravity has sharply repelled from the earth, and it reflects badly on the spine and joints.

Walking promotes weight loss. For medical reasons, for 1 hour of brisk walking burns 35 grams of fat. When walking, massage is the body's organs, improves digestion, which is favorable for people with excess weight. Walking to work on foot - an excellent preventative tool in vascular diseases, as well as osteochondrosis, atrophy of muscles, nervous system diseases, etc.

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