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Acute lung abscess

Acute lung abscess

Acute suppurative lung abscess is usually single and located in the segments of the right lung.

Acute lung abscess

After breaking through the cavity in the bronchus of a cough, accompanied by purulent sputum with an unpleasant smell, sometimes mixed with blood. Before draining the abscess may be determined deadened sound and a weakening of breathing in the affected area. After the formation of a cavity above the auscultated krupnopuzyrchatye sonorous rales, bronchial breathing amforicheskim shade. For percussion can detect sound from tympanic shade. Before the formation of lung abscess cavity diagnosis is difficult.

Pulmonary abscess should be suspected when the prolonged pneumonia with prolonged fever and persistent leukocytosis. A break in the bronchus radiographically abscess in the former area blackout revealed a cavity.

In the course of acute lung abscess isolated stage 3

The first stage, the stage of infiltration, characterized by an acute purulent inflammation and destruction of lung tissue. In this breakthrough necrotic masses in the lumen of the bronchial tree was observed. At this stage, marked by complaints of chest pain of uncertain nature, cough, weakness, sweating, chills, shortness of breath, lack of appetite, thirst. There is a fever, weakness (reduction of motor activity), the lag of the affected side of the chest in breathing. Percussion (percussion method) are determined by blunting of the sound attenuation of voice tremor, auscultation (listening to the method) recorded a hard breath, bronchial sometimes a small amount of dry and moist rales finely.

The second stage, the stage of acute lung abscess, begins to break pus in the lumen of the bronchus. This usually occurs at the 2-3rd week of the onset of the disease. Also begins to move away phlegm - usually "mouthful." Depending on the size of the abscess cavity of sputum per day (with good drainage) may reach 1-1.5 m. Some patients clearly auscultated hollow whistling breath. The temperature and other symptoms of intoxication are reduced.

The third stage, the stage outcome, usually occurs on the 15-20th day of illness. Coughing is rare, the number of sputum is significantly reduced, the patient returning to normal. Abscess cavity is replaced by connective tissue, sometimes on-site abscess is a false cyst. When bad or insufficient drainage of purulent-necrotic inflammation may be delayed. Most often this occurs when the localization of an abscess in the middle and lower lobes. After 2-3 months of onset of such an abscess is chronic.

The most severe complications in the acute, often fatal conditioning are:

  • Breakthrough abscess into the pleural cavity
  • bleeding into the bronchial tree which can occur as a result of asphyxia
  • penetration of pus in the other, unaffected parts of the bronchial tree and the development of new abscesses
  • the formation of ulcers in distant organs most often in the brain.

With the proper treatment of the favorable prognosis: in most cases point out the abscess cavity obliteration and recovery.

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