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Treatment of otitis media

Treatment of otitis media

Otitis is an inflammation of the ear. There are three types of otitis media, depending on which department inflamed:

  • outer
  • average
  • inner ear infection (labyrinthitis).

Otitis sick at any age, most children. Up to 3 years, 80% of children have at least one episode of otitis media.

Development of external otitis promote two main factors:
  • drift of infection with a sharp object (pin, a toothpick)
  • penetration and accumulation of moisture in the external auditory canal.

Otitis externa usually occurs when the ear is often in contact with water (when swimming), so it is sometimes called "swimmer's ear."

Otitis media is preceded by upper respiratory tract infection (runny nose, sore throat, pharyngitis, tracheitis, laryngitis).

Infection by internal otitis media penetrates into the inner ear (cochlea) in various ways:
  • through the middle ear - in purulent inflammations
  • through the meninges - meningitis
  • through the blood - a variety of infections.

Treatment of otitis media

When otitis externa useful introduction into the ear canal gauze turundas, moistened with 70% alcohol, hot compress, physiotherapy (solux, current UHF), a vitamin. Antibiotics and sulfa drugs (ciprofloxacin) is used in patients with severe inflammation and elevated temperature.

In the formation of an abscess showed him autopsy. When generalized inflammation washed auditory canal disinfectant (3% boric acid solution, a solution furatsillina).

When otitis media is prescribed bed rest on the testimony of antibiotics, sulfa drugs, antiseptics. At high temperatures Amidopyrine, acetylsalicylic acid. Locally applied hot compress, physiotherapy (solux, current UHF). To reduce pain in the ear buried in the form of heat 96% alcohol. When the suppuration instillation into the ear is stopped.

In the absence of effect of conservative treatment produce dissection of the eardrum. After the appearance of suppuration of the ear canal to ensure that it is good drainage. If, after the cessation of purulent discharge from the ear and scarring of the eardrum ear remains depressed, are shown blowing off, pneumatic massage therapy and UHF on the ear.

When the inner ear, otitis media (the labyrinth) with the remnants of the functions of the labyrinth is shown conservative treatment (bed rest, dehydration and antibiotic therapy). With labyrinthitis with fistula symptom and preserve the function of the labyrinth, if antibiotic therapy is ineffective, is shown obschepolostnaya trepanation.

Absolute indication for surgery on the labyrinth at the same time with the operation of the middle ear is the sequestration of the labyrinth or purulent labyrinthitis with labirintogennymi intracranial complications.

Need to see a doctor immediately in case of pain in the ear and if it fails in two days. Usually the treatment of otitis media lasts ten days. If properly selected and carefully executed therapy appointments disease does not affect the severity of hearing loss.

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