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Varicose veins and physical exercises

Varicose veins and physical exercises

An important point in the treatment of varicose veins is the use of physical exercises.

The complex of physical activity should be properly selected, it is recommended to do every day at least twice a day - morning and night, without taking off with elastic bandages or compression stockings.

Exercise is essential especially for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, and those with occupations experiencing long-term static loads.

Therapeutic exercises for varicose veins - is the fulfillment of simple exercises, selection of which is carried out depends on the physician and clinical disease and the degree of fitness patient. Duration of employment is determined individually, on average, excluding the rest, it is 10-15 minutes. In this continuous activity shall not exceed 5 minutes, after which requires at least a five-minute rest. The complexity of exercises varies in a wide range. There are basic, with the implementation of which will manage each.

Some of the exercises:

Browsing: raises and lowers the toes without lifting your heels off the floor (15-20 times), produce multidirectional motion stops - left, right, up, down (15-20 times).

Legs are brought together and how to roll with the toe to the heel (15-20 times), using both hands placed at shoulder height, the wall.

On the inhale sit up on his toes and at the same time pull the hands up, and on the exhale - to omit them and take the whole foot (15-20 times).

Gymnastics and lying on his back: the legs bent at the knee joints and carry them to the rotational motion of the left and right (in each direction by 5-7 times), lower extremity lift up and throw, then pulling out socks, perform a circular motion in the ankle ( also by 5-7 times to the right and left); straightened legs are placed on a chair, and on 5 times, first in the queue, and then both flexion and extension of the foot. In addition, the "cool bike" (5-7 times), bent at the knees lower limbs against a wall and "step" on her up and down (5 times), if possible, take the position of "Birch" (stand on his shoulders) and make a swing down by the type of scissors (5-7 times).

Raise their hands and legs up so that the hands and feet placed parallel to the ceiling and shake up and down simultaneously in all limbs within 3 minutes.

Feet together, toes pull over and stop producing oscillatory motion from right to left, not throwing up your heels at the same time (3 min).

Also swimming and water aerobics for varicose veins are particularly useful. Since water is denser than air, it helps the blood pressure to rise up through the veins, which have a beneficial effect on the disease. With regard to fitness - they can do, but, again, discuss this with your doctor and adhering to certain limitations.

Prohibited by such exercises as running, weight loads, lunges, deadlift, team sports, martial arts, as well as visiting the lessons of African and Irish dance, which are characterized by bouncing. During the yoga positions should refrain from lotus diamond and wood.

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