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Koenig's disease

Koenig's disease or osteochondrosis intercepting internal condyle of the femur - a condition in which there is a limited area of necrosis of articular cartilage and adjacent bone in the femoral condyle inland.

The cause of this disease is not fully understood. It is believed that necrosis causes poor circulation in the branches of the middle knee arteries. Another view attributes this disease to chronic knee injury. Ill mostly young people 20-25 years. At the beginning of the patient arises moderate aching pain in the knee joint. The pain is worse with exercise and after. When probing the pain is felt on the inner surface of the knee joint.

Disease diagnosis Koenig refine by X-rays. Perhaps the discovery of so-called niche sequestration (a piece of bone tissue) in tissues of internal condyle of the femur, adjacent to the knee joint. In the further course of the disease, sequestration (a piece of bone tissue) falls into the joint cavity. There is a "loose body", which moves freely in the joint cavity causing frequent blockade of the joint, the appearance of inflammation of joints - synovitis, with the release (effusion) of inflammatory fluid in the joint cavity. Pain in the knee stronger. Joint increases in size due to the inflammatory exudate.

Treatment of the disease Koenig. Conservative treatment with the appointment of cardiovascular drugs, drugs which improve nutrition and recovery of articular cartilage, physical therapy and exclusion on a joint exercise usually proves to be ineffective and has a positive effect only in children and adolescents. In adults, surgical treatment. Joint cavity opened, loose body was removed and the defect produce plastic inner condyle of the femur tissue.

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