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Inflammatory disease of the lacrimal gland

Inflammatory disease of the lacrimal gland

Inflammatory disease of the lacrimal gland is Dacryoadenitis. Dakrioadenit is acute or chronic.

Acute inflammation of the lacrimal gland is a rare and usually in children. Independently, he practically does not occur, but appears as a complication of flu, sore throats, and various intestinal infections. Most often Dacryoadenitis arises because of the mumps (mumps). And sometimes in the vaccinated children Dacryoadenitis is the sole manifestation of mumps or combined with inflammation of the testicles (orchitis). The patient appears swelling of the upper eyelid, which is rapidly or gradually increases in size. The eyelid is red, swollen. All this is accompanied by pain in the outer corner of eye.

A headache, weakness, fatigue, increased body temperature. Due to the swelling edge of the eyelid becomes an S-shape. Within days, the process is progressing rapidly: swelling and edema of the century increased, resulting in the eye may be swollen closed eyelid. The pain intensified. Under the pressure of dense edematous lacrimal gland eyeball is displaced downwards and inwards, so that there are complaints diplopia. Pain in cancer is very strong, the patient does not touch the iron.

Increasing regional lymph nodes in the BTE region, swelling extends to the temporal area. In patients with reduced protective forces of an organism can be complicated by abscess Dacryoadenitis lacrimal gland or abscess, which extends to the adipose tissue in the orbit. This is quite a serious complication, as cellulitis can lead to thrombosis of the cavernous sinus or meningitis. But more often the disease is quite favorable and the patient recovers within two weeks.

Dacryoadenitis treatment.

First of all, appointed by treatment of the underlying disease. If there is inflammation in the lacrimal gland necessarily assigned broad-spectrum antibiotics, usually penicillin drugs or cephalosporins, aminoglycosides. When severe pain analgesics are appointed. Pronounced swelling tavegil. Conjunctival cavity was washed with an antiseptic solution, lay ointments with antibiotics.

After reducing the effects of acute inflammation is appointed by physiotherapy. Sometimes the lacrimal gland have to open the incision through the conjunctiva and paste to improve the drainage outflow. If you have an abscess, the abscess opened and drained necessarily.

Chronic dakrioadenit occurs in certain diseases of the blood in syphilis, tuberculosis. During such dakrioadenitov erased. Treatment consists in the treatment of primary disease.

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