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Obesity as a chronic disease

Obesity as a chronic disease

Obesity - a chronic disease that has become a major health problem in most industrialized countries. Painful, (morbid) obesity becomes truly alarming proportions because of the inevitable development of comorbid conditions that are in direct causal relationship with excess body weight.

In the United States, obesity is the cause of approximately 300,000 deaths per year. Direct (medical costs) and indirect (lost production) costs of obesity exceed $ 100 billion a year. Russia, along with rapid economic development and becomes a "disease of the developed society," among whom obesity is not the last. According to Yu Yashkova more than 40% of the population of the Russian Federation has a weight (> 5% of ideal) in 26% of people living in the country of excess weight can be described as obese. About 2.9% of men and 3.9% of women have a weight of two or more times greater than normal. Thus, the situation in our country for the dissemination of "epidemic" of approaches that of the United States and developed European countries. Patients suffering from obesity, come to the attention of many medical specialties.

Obesity contributes to the development of gall stones, pancreatitis and liver disease. Metabolic disturbances that accompany obesity lead to a variety of hormonal disorders. Increase the load on the bony skeleton and joints lead to deformities and dystrophic changes. Hypertension, coronary heart disease, sleep apnea and hypoventilation - this is not a complete list of complications arising from overweight. However, morbid obesity etiopatogeniticheskim featured in the first place is a problem in all specialties Gastroenterology, and among the ways of effective treatment surgery is playing an increasingly important role.

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