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Surgical treatment of obesity

Surgical treatment of obesity

Section of surgery involved in the treatment of overweight people is called "bariatric surgery". The name "bariatric" comes from the Greek word baros, which means "weight, heaviness." Iatrike means "medicine" that is "bariatrics" refers to a branch of medicine dealing with the problems of full lyudey.Esli you tried to lose weight for many years, tried all the diets, medications and other conservative methods, if excess weight is causing you serious problems, including problems with health, if your body mass index greater than 35, then we can think of very strong and stable way of losing weight - about surgical treatment.

Why do there need to do surgery for weight loss? As we know, many people are overweight is a very serious medical problems. It in itself becomes the disease. In this case, must necessarily lose weight to improve health and prolong life. No other ways besides surgery, do not give as strong, and most importantly, sustainable weight loss. It is known that only 1% of reserves reduced weight after weight loss by diet or tablets, or other former gaining even more weight.

Only surgery makes it possible to solve this issue permanently. Therefore, more and more people opt for surgical treatment. This is especially noticeable in a country where the number of people who are overweight, the highest in the world - the United States. Americans about obesity even operate on teenagers. A person can ask a question: Do I have to have surgery for weight loss?

To do this, necessarily determine your Body Mass Index. BMI can be calculated by the formula: weight (kg) divided by height (m) squared. If it is greater than 40, then you can do this operation. In that case, if you have diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, or problems with joints, or varicose veins, then the required level of Body Mass Index falls to 35.

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