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Pregnancy - what to look for in the first trimester

Pregnancy - what to look for in the first trimester

According to specialists, welcome the children are born stronger and more actively developed while still in my mother's tummy. It is therefore important to determine as early as possible in relation to pregnancy.

The maximum improve your body. Eating healthy, natural, organic food with a maximum saturation of vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts can help improve the body and prepare it for a healthy pregnancy. It is important that the foods contain at least 2-4 mg of folic acid. It is this vitamin should be fundamental in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy It will help protect the fetus from a variety of birth defects.

According to modern concepts, the intestinal microflora is an important link in the defense. The microflora of the gastrointestinal tract is a highly sensitive system that responds to the quantitative and qualitative changes in the imbalance. Imbalance leads to the development of dysbiosis, so it is important to regulate the bowels. If necessary, you need to take drugs that restore the normal composition of intestinal microflora. For example, primadofillyus, atsidofillyus, baktisubtil and others.

Achieve a timely and efficient operation of all the excretory organs, primarily the skin and kidneys. Actively use the calm water treatments, such as a comfortable shower. If necessary, use herbal teas, regulating the kidneys.

Give up bad habits. Note that the pill is extremely dangerous for the baby, so of them should be abandoned immediately. As in the first trimester is the formation of organs and systems of a child, you should be particularly attentive to her.

At this time, any psychological and physical overload, lack of sleep can lead to undesirable consequences. Try this period did not overstrain. Especially useful for sleep, during which blood flow through the uterus is increased by 5 times. If you do not want to sleep, just lie down, relax, relax. In the horizontal position (lying down) blood flow through the uterus increases in 2-fold compared to the vertical position. The regime should be as calm and comfortable.

Breasts are soft and sensitive due to increased amounts of estrogen and progesterone. These changes are aimed at preparing for breast feeding a baby. The bezel around the nipple becomes darker, longer and may have dark spots on the surface. You can also see small nodules on the rim or the sebaceous (sweat) glands, which become more pronounced during pregnancy.

In the first trimester, not very desirable active exercise, including swimming pool, so the egg must attach itself securely to the wall of the uterus. In any case, it is important to focus on their condition.

Be very careful to treat X-ray studies, especially the abdomen and pelvis.

In the first trimester especially dangerous infectious diseases of the mother. It is therefore important at this time to pay attention to prevention of these diseases (ARI, influenza, sore throat, rubella). If just someone from your household, take precautions. Extremely dangerous influenza and measles. Influenza can leave a mark on the cardiovascular system, excretory system, and other child can even lead to deformities. Therefore, during epidemics, it is not necessary to visit places where a lot of people going. Upon infection of pregnant rubella infection of the fetus may occur (intrauterine rubella). In the first trimester of pregnancy, rubella often leads to death of the fetus and abortion, or to the appearance of malformations of the brain, eyes and ears, heart, skeleton. Infection of the fetus in later stages of pregnancy in some cases can cause hemolytic anemia and other serious diseases. Therefore, women are exposed to patients with rubella during the first trimester of pregnancy, should undergo a special examination by a physician.

Preventive measures required during the epidemic. Choose convenient for you to tempering treatments. Pay attention to diet, to prefer natural, natural products, get acquainted with the basics of macrobiotic food. Limit high-calorie diet. If no objection to the doctor, eat garlic pills splat, use dietary supplements and herbal teas that enhance the protective properties of the organism. Vitamin Drink tea, rose hips extract, juices. Particularly useful are the natural juices, homemade: apple juice, carrot juice, pumpkin juice, cranberry juice, or lemon. Juices should be diluted to drink twice. Moisturize the air in the room, use the appropriate essential oils. At the first sign of cold droplets of use, which contribute to the removal of mucus from the nasal passages. It is useful to bury your nose in the interferon or lay in the nose oxolinic ointment. These activities are harmless to the fetus. Gargle with disinfectant tincture of herbs (calendula, eucalyptus, sage). More fresh air.

Weight gain first three months of the first 9 months of a woman can gain 11-14 lbs. If a woman becomes pregnant while taking overweight, lose weight during pregnancy is undesirable. Optimal weight gain for 12 weeks is 2 kg. However, at this stage of pregnancy, women often gain from 500 g to 1.2 kg since at that time did not always want to eat as a result of intensive restructuring of the body. More important to pay attention not to the weight and to food. In some cases, even go to a good low-calorie diet to give your body more quickly "adapt" to the pregnancy.

Beware of uncontrolled drug intake! Many medications can have adverse effects on the fetus and newborn. Medications can affect the fetus at all stages of pregnancy. Especially desirable drugs in the first trimester, when there is a bookmark and the formation of organs and systems of the child. There are drugs that reliably lead to birth defects, many drugs that are potentially dangerous (their effect is manifested in the presence of certain adverse factors). When choosing a drug should take into account the influence of pregnancy itself on the action of drugs. During pregnancy may change the absorption, distribution and excretion of the drug, which leads to a change in its effects on the body. During pregnancy, changing the volume of extracellular fluid, the concentration of proteins and other substances at the end of the pregnancy altered liver and kidney functions involved in the excretion and metabolism of drugs that can cause clinical consequences. Therefore, the appointment of hard drugs is very important to have confidence in the absence of pregnancy.

It is absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy hormones, including contraceptives and some antibiotics (streptomycin, tetracycline), antidepressants, analgesics (aspirin, indomethacin), antihypertensive drugs (reserpine, chlorothiazide) Vitamin A in doses over 10,000 IU per day;

During pregnancy may be contraindicated in some herbs, including comfrey, senna, Stephanie, magnolia, dead-nettle, coltsfoot, juniper and some others.

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