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Neurasthenia is defined by the phenomena of increased physical or mental fatigue, inability to relax, need a long rest, and the decline in performance, somatovegetativnyh symptoms, muscle pain, tension headaches, dizziness, indigestion, sleep disturbances.

The painting is dominated by neurasthenia dislike of bright lights, loud noises, strong smells. Deterioration may be due to mental stress or bad weather. The above symptoms can not be separated from the lability of mood with the increased touchiness, irritability and a change of outbreaks of discontent with remorse, and tearfulness fussy readily correct the faux pas.

Broken the cycle of "sleep - wake" in the evening sick a long time to sleep, a nap can cut off any extraneous noise. Sleep uneasily with the awakening and a lot of dreams. Wake up either too early or too late with a feeling of weakness.

Possibility of maintaining the old working rhythm in neurasthenia significantly limited. Patients unable to cope with in their business - worry, hurry, easily frustrated, give conflicting instructions before completing one case, taking up another.

Dynamics of asthenic disorders varies. Fatigue associated with fatigue, mental and physical exertion is usually completely reversible, and docked at a sufficiently long rest, physical therapy appointment, and other restorative procedures. This is accompanied by the restoration of premorbid level of functioning.

In protracted course complicated by manifestations of neurasthenia are acquiring astenoipohondrii features. This corresponds to the dynamics of clinical symptoms and the lifestyle of patients, the desire for samoschazheniyu slave "economy of force", "proper rest".

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