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Tumors of the heart Treatment

Tumors of the heart Treatment

Heart tumors are very rare disease. Perhaps this is a good blood supply to the heart and rapid metabolism in heart muscle. There are:

primary (benign and malignant)
secondary tumors of the heart.

Of the primary malignant tumors of the heart is most common sarcoma of the heart, occasionally there's lymphoma.

Among the primary malignant - myxoma, rhabdomyomas (tumors of the muscle tissue), fibroma, hemangioma, lipoma, teratoma. Benign tumors of the heart are more common than malignant is about three times.

Secondary tumors of the heart more often metastasized breast cancer, lung, stomach, and sometimes the kidneys and thyroid. Secondary tumors of the heart occur 25 times more primary.

Tumors of the heart are manifested in different ways, but due to the fact that they rarely occur, the correct diagnosis is usually established at once. The patient can be prolonged a little fever, weight loss, gradually increasing weakness, joint pain, rashes on various trunk and extremities, numbness of fingers and toes. Gradually the symptoms may emerge with chronic heart failure - drum sticks (weight loss of fingers and a thickening of the ends), nail changes in an "hour glass". There are changes in blood tests. Complaints from the heart depend on the location of the tumor in relation to the heart. If the tumor is located deep in the heart muscle often disturbed conduction, cardiac blockade and appear there are a variety of arrhythmias. These tumors may lead to an increase in heart size, and the gradual development of heart failure. They can also mimic heart disease. If you have any tumors inside the cavities of the heart may develop heart failure or left ventricular to right ventricular type.

Malignant tumors of the heart treated surgically. If it is impossible to use radiation and chemotherapy.

The most common of all cardiac tumors, myxomas occur. They constitute up to 50% of all tumors. Myxoma - a benign tumor intracavitary heart. Develops almost at any age - from 3 to 80 years, but more often between 30 and 50 years. The literature describes cases of familial myxoma. More of them located in the left atrium - 85%, 15% in the right atrium and very rarely in the ventricles of the heart.

Myxoma is a loose jelly-like formation of various shapes. Sometimes it is covered with a capsule. Typically, myxomas have a leg to which they are attached to the wall of the atrium or ventricle. Dimensions of myxoma can be from several millimeters to 15 cm long myxoma does not cover the valve hole or cavity of the heart, it can proceed without complaint. Growing in one of the cavities of the heart myxoma violates the circulation of blood to the heart and leads to heart failure. Features of heart failure in this case, the fact that heart failure occurs rapidly and is poorly treated. When the location of myxoma in the left atrium, which happens frequently, patients may complain of shortness of breath, palpitations, fainting, which appear in the change of body position. In these patients, it may happen sudden death.

Very often myxomas fragments may break off and fall into the bloodstream to the blood vessels and clog them gleam. If the myxoma in the right heart, there is a blockage of the pulmonary vessels, from left heart myxoma fragments reach the brain and cause a variety of cerebrovascular accidents (stroke, transient ischemic attack), rarely in other organs. When you hear is usually auscultated diastolic murmur, which varies with body position. On the electrocardiogram are increasing signs of left or right atrium. On radiographs can be found to increase the size of the atrium. An echocardiogram allows you to specify in detail the size, location, myxoma, the place of attachment of the feet, the state of valvular.

Treatment of cardiac myxoma.

Treatment of myxoma surgery alone. If the diagnosis of myxoma surgery should be performed urgently. Surgical treatment is carried out in a heart-lung machine. The tumor was removed along with the necessary leg, place it around the leg and the attachment portion of the heart. The resulting defect is sutured if the defect is large, from the closing patch. The heart was washed with saline, which is then removed by suction. If there are violations of valvular, made their correction.

Lipomas can occur in people of any age, and sometimes they reach large sizes, up to two kilos. Children are more common rhabdomyomas, fibromas, and hamartomas. They often are treated surgically.

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