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Personality - the main forms of disease

Personality - a psychological term that defines a person as a bearer of public social relations. It manifests itself individually unique combination of psychological variables like the makings of a (natural preconditions for the development of abilities), ability (personality traits, giving her opportunity to learn successfully), temperament (permanent and stable individual unique natural properties of the individual, determining the dynamics of mental activity, regardless of its content ), character (the set of stable and significant individual and unique personality traits that reflect the diversity of its relationship to the world and to itself), orientation (personality traits that characterize her inclinations, desires, interests, aptitudes that determine the selective activity of man).

Psychopathic condition - a form of personality pathology, the essence of which lies in its total disharmony in violation of social adjustment. They are observed in the
  • Psychopathy
  • pathogenesis of character developments
  • psihopatizatsii.

Psychopathy - a pathological condition characterized by the disharmony of the mental and representing the constant, often an innate property of the individual, continuing throughout life.

Patoharakterologicheskie development - psychopathic condition arising from a combination of adverse effects mikrosotsiosredy (education, stress) and individual personality traits.

Personality disorder ascertained in cases where the pathological changes are expressed so much that prevent full social adaptation, ie in their diagnosis are important social criteria.

The following types of personality disorders:
emotionally unstable (impulsive type and borderline)
anankasticheskoe (obsessive-compulsive)
anxious and mistrustful
Psychopathic condition to be distinguished from the accentuation of the individual. This extreme variants of the norm, manifested a significant increase in the individual personality traits.

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