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Pulmonary hydatid cyst - Diagnosis, Treatment

Pulmonary hydatid cyst

Diagnosis of pulmonary echinococcosis

The main method of diagnosis of pulmonary echinococcosis are: X-ray, ultrasound, imaging, scanning, laparoscopy, serological methods. In the detection of pulmonary echinococcosis very important role played by mass x-ray examination of the population. It allows preventive examination at the present time to identify the disease before any clinical symptoms.

Differential diagnosis of conduct between the echinococcus, tuberculoma, peripheral carcinoma, ie, between the disease, giving the spherical formation in the lungs. Use the full range of special methods except for the puncture. End of suspected unacceptable because of the possibility Echinococcus cyst rupture, risk of falling hydatid fluid in the pleura with the development of severe anaphylactoid reactions and colonization by the parasite.

Treatment of pulmonary echinococcosis

Treatment of pulmonary hydatidosis surgery alone. The optimal operation, to the end that should be sought in all cases is the "ideal echinococcectomy" - the removal, husking of the fibrous capsule of the parasite in a chitinous shell, without violating its integrity (without opening the bladder).

Can be made:
echinococcectomy after a preliminary extraction of content hydatid cyst. With this method, after the enclosure of napkins cyst puncture a thick needle, suck out the contents of it and cut the fibrous capsule.
lung resection for Echinococcus produce, mainly in the vast secondary inflammatory processes, or combined with another echinococcosis disease requiring lung resection.
Prevention of pulmonary echinococcosis

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