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Diagnosis of rectocele

Diagnosis of rectocele

Diagnosis of rectocele is not certain difficulties. It is important to carefully collect the medical history, that is to interview the patient about how the disease began, that he was concerned, etc., and to identify related and past illnesses.

The presence of typical complaints of rectocele difficulty emptying the rectum, posterior protrusion of the vaginal wall during straining and at rest, and the need to assist the act of defecation by hand pressure on the wall of the vagina is sufficient to suggest the presence of rectocele patients.

The main method of detecting rectocele is a clinical examination. In women, this study conducted at the gynecological chair. The patient was asked to strain, W resulting in protrusion of the vagina appears to the back wall.

Digital rectal examination can confirm this feature of rectocele. Determining the size and extent of the protrusion to evaluate the degree of rectocele. Women have always carried out vaginal examination.

The next method of diagnosis of rectocele is a sigmoidoscopy. This examination is mandatory for all proctologic diseases. It allows you to identify co-morbidities of the rectum. With sigmoidoscopy can determine the status of the rectal wall.

At later stages of rectocele, when attached insufficient anal sphincter, conducted tests on its functional state.

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