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Bladder Anomalies Treatment

Bladder Anomalies Treatment

Agenesis. Agenesis or absence of the bladder is very rare and usually associated with severe malformations of other organs, incompatible with life.

The doubling of the bladder. It is a rare malformation of the urinary bladder. Is complete or incomplete:

with full doubling of the urinary bladder has two urinary bladder, each of them offers a ureter, each has its own cervix and the urethra
with incomplete doubling of the bladder, the bladder neck and urethra common one.

Sometimes there is a partial wall separating the bladder into two parts. Often, a doubling of the bladder is not seen complaints. If you have an incomplete partition may prevent emptying of the bladder, followed by the appearance of cystitis. Appears incontinence.

Treatment of rapid doubling of the bladder - the partition is removed.

Diverticulum of the bladder. Diverticulum of the bladder is a protrusion of the entire bladder wall, which has the form of the bag. Occasionally there are multiple diverticula of the bladder. Diverticula are available in various sizes, sometimes they reach the size of the bladder and are usually in the rear and side walls of the bladder, near the mouths of the ureters. Between the cavity of the bladder diverticulum and a message. Sometimes, when a large protrusion into the cavity of the mouth of the diverticulum was called the ureter. In the diverticula are stagnant urine to facilitate the development of infection in the bladder. There are cystitis, pyelonephritis. In the cavity of diverticula can form stones, which is also associated with the stagnation of urine in it.

Appears diverticulum of the bladder voiding disorders. Urination occurs in two steps: first, the bladder is emptied, then the diverticulum, or increases the duration urination. Sometimes there may be urinary retention.

Diagnosis of bladder diverticulum produced by cystoscopy. On examination of the bladder wall cystoscope find a hole leading into the cavity of the diverticulum. When cystography after injection of contrast medium into the bladder in a picture is determined by extra cavity near the bladder, communicating with the bladder.

Treatment of bladder diverticulum prompt: make removal of diverticula, the hole is closed. If the cavity of the diverticulum enters the ureter diverticulum is removed and the ureter is attached to the bladder. Recently, endoscopic techniques are used surgical treatment.

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