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Violation of self-consciousness: depersonalization syndrome

The main symptom is a violation of samosoznayaniya that shows a distorted perception of self as a whole with a sense of loss or distortion of its unity and the exclusion of some of its physiological or psychological symptoms.

Depersonalization may occur as a separate syndrome, as well as a member of the structure of other psychopathological conditions.

There are the following forms of depersonalization:

Allo-psychic depersonalization is characterized by a distortion or loss of activities, actions, speech, movement, etc. performed automatically, as it happens their alienation. Then lost the sense of unity, "I" (a sense of duality). Patients say that they would co-exist as two persons.

Auto-psychic depersonalization is characterized by continuously increasing sense of personal loss of specificity of social communication. First, there is a sense of its own changes accompanying difficulty of contacts with people. Patients did not perceive themselves as such, as before, impoverished intellectually and spiritually, "strangers among the people." In the future, says a feeling of complete loss of its ideas of "I". Patients complain that they have completely lost their own worldview, beliefs, judgments, people have become faceless.

Somatopsychical depersonalization is characterized by a sense of alienation of individual perceptions of physiological processes with loss of sensory intensity. It can manifest itself in the form of alienation of sleep (at its actual presence) in the absence of subjective feelings of relief and satisfaction from discharge during bowel movements or urination, food saturation, etc.

Anesthetic depersonalization (painful mental insensibility). Characterized by painful sensation of the patient experiencing a gradual blanching of higher emotions and their subsequent loss. Patients experiencing a difficult feeling of loss of happy, sad, even if very important for these events and facts. There is a painful feeling of loss of feeling emotions, not the ability to experience pleasure, joy, love, hate, sadness.

Derealization - a distorted perception of objective reality as a whole without affecting the perception of some of its parameters. This distorted perception of the world with a sense of deadness, of unreality, strangeness, strange, fading environment. By dearealizatsii also include: "has ever seen" - short-term condition in which an unfamiliar situation, the feeling that she knew that he was already in it, "never ever seen" - short-term condition in which a familiar situation, the feeling that got it the first time, "already experienced" - short-term condition in which the complex emotional experiences of the moment is experienced as identical to the already once took place.

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