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Individuals with chronic elevated mood or reduced

Hyperthymic personality (person with chronically elevated mood) - people who are constantly characterized by elation and total optimism. Temperament has a reduced sensitivity (sensitivity), the high reactivity and activity, the accelerated rate of reaction, increased emotional excitability and plasticity.

These people are energetic, rapidly respond to new things, adventurous and sometimes prone to adventurism, as a rule, friendly, sympathetic, generous to extravagance. It is easy to agree with people who exaggerated sociable, tactless. They are characterized by heightened self-conceit, boastfulness. In relation to their duties and work are unusually enterprising, but restless. Witty, allow themselves to the ridicule of others. Often the way of life of these people zigzagoobrazen. Characterized by frequent change of roles is not associated with the terms of the situation, and with the instability, inconstancy, superficiality.

For those with chronically depressed mood characterized by continuously decreased mood and total pessimism. They are characterized by increased sensitivity to the prevalence of depressive reactions, reduced reactivity and activity, the slow rate of reaction, the predominance of rigidity.

In the character in the foreground despondency, gloom, the tendency to see all the dark side. Even pleasant events are also poisoned by the thought of the fragility of happiness. They are prone to low self-esteem, hypochondriacal, indecisive. The work they are often unpleasant, there is fatigue. Often they assume that others are down upon them, which is why they avoid people, are closed.

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