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Single ventricle

Single ventricle

The frequency of this defect 2-3% of all congenital heart defects. It occurs 3 times more common in males. At the same vice interventricular septum is absent from the single ventricle starts aorta and pulmonary trunk.

Thus, in the single ventricle is a mixture of arterial blood from the left atrium and the venous blood from the right atrium. In this display defect depends on the presence of concomitant narrowing of the pulmonary artery.

This type of defect is classified according to the state of a single ventricle into 4 types.

The manifestations of defect in the first place depends on the pressure in the pulmonary artery. Cyanosis, symptoms of type "drumsticks" or "hour-glass" can not occur at all or to be pronounced. On the electrocardiogram may be signs of increasing both the left and right heart. On radiographs reveal changes in the lungs and an increase in heart size. For a more accurate diagnosis of defect perform full angiocardiography. For this contrast agent is injected into the ventricle and left atrium. This study allows us to prove the existence of only one ventricle to determine the degree of narrowing of the pulmonary artery and the place of origin of the great vessels.


Full correction of single ventricle of the heart - is one of the latest developments cardiac surgery. Such operations are doing recently. And it is not always possible to complete the correction of vice. It depends on its anatomical features.

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