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Periarteritis nodosa - Treatment

Periarteritis nodosa (PM) is characterized by lesions of small arteries to inflammation and subsequent necrosis. The disease belongs to the so-called system. ie, affects the entire system of arteries of the body. As a consequence, pathological disorders occur in all organs and tissues. PM ... Read more »

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Huntingtons chorea

The term "chorea" means by a movement disorder in a random, jerky and irregular movements, which the patient is unable to fully control consciously. Huntington's disease is named after an American psychiatrist, who described it first, and refers to a hereditary progressive disease. Typically, one parent, there are signs of the disease, expressed to a greater or lesser ... Read more »

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Epilepsy - a chronic brain disease that is characterized by recurrent seizures. The origin of epilepsy may be different. Thus, isolated traumatic epilepsy (after suffering a head injury), diencephalic (with the defeat of diencephalic structures of the brain), epilepsy after an infection of the brain. It is believed that some of the clinical types of epilepsy ma ... Read more »

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Treatment of multiple sclerosis stem cells

All patients with multiple sclerosis is important to know: now you can get rid of the disease or to obtain a completely stable remission. Until now, the complexity of the treatment of multiple sclerosis was the unpredictability of the symptoms in each patient, as well as variability in the manifestations of the disease.
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Vertebrology - a separate section of orthopedics, which deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the spine.

Modern vertebrology allows the patient to get rid of the disease, which previously was considered a "lot" of the doctor-neurologist. The patient could only count on a strong new drugs, new treatments and physiotherapy pain management.

However, medicine, and in particular, surgery and orthopedics, is not standing still. The development of ... Read more »
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Structure of the spine, important functions performed by the spine

Our spine is made up of 32-33 vertebrae. At the same time they are five divisions:

  • Cervical - 7 vertebrae
  • Thoracic - 12 vertebrae
  • Lumbar - 5 vertebrae
  • ... Read more »
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Prevention of intervertebral disc herniations

Herniated disc - a condition which is characterized by rupture of the fibrous ring of intervertebral disc, through which sticks out of the gelatinous nucleus pulposus disc.

Under the influence of fallen fragments of the intervertebral disc are:
  • "Detachment" of the intervertebral ligaments
  • compression of the ... Read more »
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