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Periarteritis nodosa - Treatment

Periarteritis nodosa - Treatment

Periarteritis nodosa (PM) is characterized by lesions of small arteries to inflammation and subsequent necrosis. The disease belongs to the so-called system. ie, affects the entire system of arteries of the body. As a consequence, pathological disorders occur in all organs and tissues. PM is most common in middle-aged men. We describe the occurrence of disease in families, but the precise genetic transmission were observed.

Top of the disease is often preceded by an intense tan, delivery, vaccination against a disease or medication. The disease usually begins gradually, at least - acute (after medication).

Clinical manifestations of
PM . Aching muscles and joints, a slight rise in temperature, developing a weight loss up to the progressive depletion, indicating a high disease activity. Muscle pain is particularly characteristic of the gastrocnemius muscle. Pain in the joints most often appear at the beginning of the disease and most patients is the migratory nature - there is one or the other joint - but most often involved in the process of ankles, knees, elbows, as well as small joints of hands and feet. For PM characterized as skin lesions, which may be the first symptom of the disease: the presence of nodules on the skin, which are areas of inflammation of small arterioles of the skin. In addition, there may be infarction of the skin - are the severe disruption of blood flow to the development of pallor and roughness, expressed in vascular mesh skin. The defeat of the internal organs depends on the degree of pathological changes of the arterioles in them. Apparent reduction in organ failure or loss of function. For example, in lesions of the heart, there are a variety of arrhythmias, angina pectoris, with characteristic pain behind the breastbone, possibly the appearance of microfocal myocardial infarction, which leads to weakening of the heart and the development of heart failure.

Treatment of periarteritis nodosa is that a powerful anti-inflammatory therapy, usually used hormonal preparations, based on corticosteroids.

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