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Wilsons disease

Wilson's disease is characterized by lesions of the liver and nervous system - in the form of progressive liver cirrhosis and neurological symptoms. The disease is genetically determined, based on clinical signs is a violation of copper metabolism in the body. Normally, the bulk of copper after absorption in the intestine is excreted in the bile and urin ... Read more »

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Picks disease

Pick's disease belongs to atrophic disease of the cerebral cortex, ie respectively, shows atrophy, or withering away, of neurons. Disease develops more frequently in women after age 50. The reason for its occurrence is not clear. However, it is known that changes in the brain when it is sometimes similar to those in Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, there is ... Read more »

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Raynauds disease - Treatment

Raynaud's disease refers to a group of trophic disorders of small blood vessels. At the heart of its occurrence is the sudden vascular spasm in the peripheral parts of the body - most commonly the hands. In the classical form of Raynaud's syndrome has been described as an attack consisting of three phases:

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Hyperventilation syndrome

Hyperventilation syndrome occurs as a manifestation of vegetative-vascular dystonia, or neuroses, the key to manifestation is suddenly rising respiratory rate. He often described by terms such as "anxiety with hyperventilation," "nervous respiratory syndrome" or "hyperventilation crisis."

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Diabetes mellitus: neurological manifestations

The major complications of diabetes include diabetic neuropathy. The frequency of their occurrence increases with age of the patient and the duration of the disease. For example, if the duration of diabetes exceeding 20 years, neuropathy have been reported in 50-80% of patients. The main reason for their occurrence is consi ... Read more »

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Diphtheria: neurological complications

Diphtheria is an infection that occurs with a massive intoxication. Diphtheria toxin the bacteria has the property to a greater degree of hitting the nerve cells. Therefore, the clinical manifestations of diphtheria, along with the well-known reddening and swelling of the throat, tonsils, include damage to the nerves of the body. ... Read more »

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Tick borne encephalitis

Tick-borne spring-summer (or taiga) encephalitis is an acute viral disease characterized by sudden onset, fever, and severe CNS. He refers to the natural focal diseases, that is, occurs in certain regions. In Russia, it is usually, Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. While isolated cases are possible in the central regions. In nature, the virus ... Read more »

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