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Hyperventilation syndrome

Hyperventilation syndrome

Hyperventilation syndrome occurs as a manifestation of vegetative-vascular dystonia, or neuroses, the key to manifestation is suddenly rising respiratory rate. He often described by terms such as "anxiety with hyperventilation," "nervous respiratory syndrome" or "hyperventilation crisis."

Manifested symptoms of hyperventilation enhanced breathing, increasing anxiety, a feeling of lack of air with a sense of inability to breathe and exhale deeply. Despite the increased breathing, patients do not tolerate sweltering room, constantly striving to fresh air. There may be feeling a lump in my throat, "chills" in the skin, cooling the arms and legs, or gait instability. It may appear the fear of losing consciousness or even die. All these manifestations to increase dramatically in situations of emotional stress (exams, long-awaited meeting, speaking in public transport, especially metro, height).

Respiratory disorders are accompanied by palpitations, a sense of compression or chest pain that can mimic a heart attack. Skin pale, or, conversely, there is their redness.

In addition, it may cause migraine headaches, or any other location. Often found amplification of the gastrointestinal tract with abdominal distention and belching, urge to urinate, and diarrhea. Often there are muscle spasms and cramps.

Another important manifestation of the syndrome, which can be regarded as its complications, are fainting. Their appearance is due to the fact that at elevated respiratory rate is sharply reduced content of carbon dioxide in the blood, resulting in hemoglobin "does not give" the tissues of oxygen, ie difficult to split off and go in the tissue organs. Thus, the reduced supply of oxygen to the brain that causes loss of consciousness in a swoon.

Treatment of hyperventilation syndrome is directly related to the cause of his appearance. The main drugs are antianxiety drugs and money, stabilizing vascular tone.

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