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Treatment of acute bronchitis

Treatment of acute bronchitis.Prevention of acute bronchitis

Prevention of acute bronchitis is inherently linked with the prevention of viral infections. In addition, a specific value in the prevention of acute bronchitis is the elimination of various nespetsifichsskih irritation of the mucous membrane of bronchial tree, contributing to the development and progression of the inflammatory process (dust and gas production facilities, cooling and hypothermia, overheating, quickly change the temperature contrast, tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse and etc.). Has a value and timely readjustment of foci of infection, especially in the nasopharyngeal region (purulent Sina and others), the elimination of difficulties for nasal breathing (removal of polyps, deviated septum, etc.). It is particularly important regular hardening (air and sun baths, hydrotherapy, walking barefoot), which is preferable to start the summer season.

Treatment of acute bronchitis

Patients with acute bronchitis, when the temperature of the body shall be exempt from work, and the elderly debilitated patients with emphysema and (or) associated cardiovascular disease shall be exempt from work, even at normal body temperature. The latter refers to having a pronounced catarrhal conditions of the upper respiratory tract, to working outdoors in hot shops, child care, catering, schools, hospitals.

In severe intoxication, concomitant (lung and cardiovascular) disease and the risk of complications of acute pneumonia hospitalization is appropriate patient. An important measure of treatment with an increase in body temperature is bed rest. Tobacco smoking during illness is strictly prohibited.

Recommended to drink plenty of warm fluids: hot tub with lemon, honey, raspberry jam, tea from a lime color of dried raspberries, heated alkaline mineral water, diaphoretic and pectoral fees. Mustard in the area of the sternum usually reduce the discomfort of the trachea. Showing steam inhalation.

Drug treatment of acute bronchitis are now largely symptomatic, with fever, anti-inflammatory and pain medication. With the simultaneous defeat of the nasopharynx and larynx are useful aerosol medications: Kamfomen, and kameton Ingalipt 3-4 times a day. These combination products contain in their composition norsulfazol, streptocid, camphor, menthol, etc., have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and mestnoobezbolnvayuschee action.

Requires use of vitamins, especially C (0.1-0.3 and 0.5 g) and A (3 mg) three times a day.

In the absence of the effect of symptomatic therapy, the appearance of purulent sputum should include antibiotics (tetracyclines, semisynthetic penicillins, Biseptol, etc.) to influence the bacterial microflora. It is also a measure to prevent pneumonia. Antibiotics, it is necessary to increase the dose of vitamin C administered until the optimal dose (1 mg per 100 thousand units. Antibiotic). In protracted course of the inflammatory process is not amenable to conventional antibiotic therapy, it is recommended to combine it with the introduction of the aerosol (via an ultrasonic nebulizer) prodigiozan: 4 - 5 inhalations 1-2 times a week, and 1 mg of the drug in the inhalation.

At an obstructive syndrome appoint bronhorasshiryayuschie means of different mechanisms of action: simpatomimetpki, anticholinergics, theophylline group.

It is advisable the appointment of combined drugs, teofedrina etc. If the symptoms of obstruction staunchly preserved, there is evidence of allergy, prescribe corticosteroid instillation.

In protracted course of bronchitis to medical rehabilitation appropriate to apply the alkaline Thermo inhalation with sea water or mineral (such as mineral water, Essentuki). In order to normalize the reactivity of the body, fortifying and hardening steps are recommended as the overall exposure to ultraviolet rays, electrophoresis of calcium on the chest, with negative ionotherapy aerononami. Functional rehabilitation of convalescents stay at a country contributes to the rehabilitation unit or a specialized branch of the climatic health resort (local health centers, southern coast of Crimea, etc.). An important place in the system of rehabilitation is given a special physical therapy techniques (sound and breathing exercises, a circular training)

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