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Treatment of obesity in children

Treatment of obesity in children

Treatment of obesity in children is a problem related, as in the case of other diseases, with maximum security for their future growth and development. In front of the children to live long, full, and the joys and difficulties, and their health, resulting in weight loss treatment, should enable them to achieve the best success!

Unfortunately, the problem of treating obesity in children has not lost anything, but only increases the urgency. Just over 20 years, the number of children suffering from obesity has doubled and the number of adolescents are overweight - has tripled. But obese children are much more serious than in adults because the body develops, and at this point may start with health problems in adulthood that are converted to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart high cholesterol.

In the treatment of obesity in children has its own characteristics - the age of 7 years, if children do not have other health problems, the aim of treatment should be weight maintenance at current levels, so that in time those extra pounds just moved in centimeters of growth. But to lose weight is recommended only for children over 7 years. And the weight loss should be slow - from 400 grams to 500 grams a week before a month.

Methods of treatment of obesity in children is exactly the same way as adults. Of course, the first point in the treatment of obesity in children - diet and nutrition. Indeed, the main cause of obesity - eating more than you need calories. And everything depends not on the child, and from adults who surround him and take care of him and fed him. Therefore to begin change in diet is necessary, especially with all the family diet.

First of all, listen to good advice of his doctors and give preference to vegetables and fruits, rather than foods high in sugar or cholesterol. Buy natural, healthy snacks. Try and cook in a more useful recipes, for example, bake or boil foods instead of frying them. The effect may have a simple and limit the amount of sugar in drinks, including those that contain fruit juice. These drinks provide little nutritional value, but contain high amounts of calories. They also clog the stomach of the child, and he was not able to eat something more healthy.

Put colorful food on the table: green and yellow vegetables and fruits in different colors, brown bread (whole grain). Limit the amount of white products, the carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, white bread and sugar, and desserts. Enter the wonderful tradition to eat with the family at this time sharing the news or tell interesting stories of life. This is better than fast food restaurants, the main products in which - fatty foods high in cholesterol.

Do not let the children have in front of TV or computer, it promotes mindless chewing. And never use food as reward or punishment. Weight gain is inevitable children, leading a sedentary lifestyle, because they do not burn calories through physical activity. Activities such as watching television or computer games in his spare time only exacerbate the problem.

A sport will not only help in treating obesity in children, but will form strong bones and muscles, and strengthen the nervous system. Habitual physical activity will help a teenager maintain healthy weight despite the hormonal changes, rapid growth and social influences that often lead to excessive consumption of food. So force a child to move more, choosing something for everyone - regular walking, biking, jumping rope will help actively to burn calories.

Do not forget that change must start with the parents - do not be lazy and climb the stairs instead of elevators. Think of such active exercises, which the whole family can do together - shovel snow from the road or sculpt a snowman. Make a permanent variety. Let your child make their own choices, such as occupation or to choose the time and day of the week. All these changes can be very important for your family, so do not change established habits too hard, start with a healthy diet and more active lifestyle, which comes in and pounds loss and good health. This is what you can do yourself.

If you realize that your child needs more substantial assistance, please contact a specialist. In their arsenal the most radical methods of treatment of obesity in children - drugs and surgery are used, but only a progressive obesity III level. But in most cases, treatment of obesity in children, this does not come to help methods such as physiotherapy, massage, reflexology, psychotherapy, and others.

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