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Degenerative diseases of the conjunctiva

Degenerative diseases of the conjunctiva


Webeye or pterygium is a triangular fold of mucous membrane of the eyeball in the inner corner of eye. This fold occurs commonly in elderly people who have worked in occupational exposures, in which there is irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, the wind, dust, etc. Membrane may gradually increase in size, moving through the eyeball. The consequence may be blurred vision. Sometimes it tightly adheres to the cornea.

Treatment of pterygium membrane.

When signs of impairment or growing into the cornea of surgical treatment. With a large Pleven after its removal of the cornea may remain blurred, so surgery must be performed at a time until the hymen does not cover the pupillary area of the cornea. Pterygium pick up with tweezers and separated from the eyeball, sharp scalpel cleans up the remains adnate to the cornea. Body webeye filed under the conjunctiva. You may experience relapses, in which the need to repeat surgery. Sometimes webeye removed together with the surface layers of the cornea. In this case, the risk of recurrence is reduced.


Pingvekula is a small islet formation in the form of a yellowish color of the mucous membrane of the sclera, in other words, the white of the eye. It is believed that arise when pingvekuly eye irritation by wind, smoke and dust. Treatment is needed.


This disease is very rare and is a serious disease of the mucous membranes of the eyes, skin, mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. Bubbles are formed on the conjunctiva with thin walls, which are very fast burst under them formed necrotic surface, and then formed scars. Conjunctiva wrinkled, deformed. Occasionally, fusion can occur with age of the mucous membrane mucous membrane of the eyeball. The eye in this case is not closed, production and outflow of tears disturbed. The cornea dries out (xerosis) and becomes cloudy. All these changes lead to blindness. Treatment. Appointed by glucocorticoid hormones topically to mucous membranes of eyes and mouth.

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