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Crohns Disease

Crohns Disease

Crohn's disease (regional, terminal ileitis, granulomatous colitis) - chronic relapsing disease of the intestinal tract, characterized by inflammation and ulceration granulemotozno, its various departments. Most often the terminal part of the iliac colon (terminal ileitis), at least - of the colon (colitis granulomatous). As the cause of the disease given a specific value to infectious and genetic factors, immunologic sensitization, autoallergii.

In Crohn's disease is based on regional lymphangitis, which leads to lymphostasis intestinal wall and mesentery. Struck bowel segment is swollen, with thickened, hyperemic walls. Inflammatory infiltration in the submucosal layer starts and goes to the mucosal, muscular and subserous layers. This contributes to the emergence of adhesions and fistulas, bowel lumen narrowing.

Crohn's disease develops slowly. During a chronic, relapsing.

For Crohn's disease is characterized by:
  • weakness
  • loss of flesh
  • fever
  • gipohroinaya anemia
  • delay in physical development.
  • Often there is pain and dyspeptic syndromes. Liquid stools, often with mucus and blood.

Abdominal pain can be vague localization, but more often - in the right iliac region (at the terminal ileite) at polpatsii abdomen may be determined by tumor formation at the site of the localization process, the mobility of the affected segment intestine is limited because of involvement in the mesentery. May experience itching anus, fissures, fistulae, abscesses. In severe cases, there is malabsorption syndrome and dysbiosis.

Complications: perforation, massive bleeding, internal and external fistulas, strictures, ulcers, inflammatory infiltrates. The prognosis depends on the severity and prevalence of the process. Unfavorable for severe defeat cancer.

Uncomplicated Crohn's disease treated conservatively. Prescribers of salazopirina, soothing and holinoliticheskie funds. The indications for surgical treatment are complications such as perforation, intestinal obstruction, bleeding.

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