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Picks disease

Picks disease

Pick's disease belongs to atrophic disease of the cerebral cortex, ie respectively, shows atrophy, or withering away, of neurons. Disease develops more frequently in women after age 50. The reason for its occurrence is not clear. However, it is known that changes in the brain when it is sometimes similar to those in Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, there is speculation about the genetic transmission of the disease.

Changes in brain tissue with Pick's disease is reduced to an excessive thinning of the cortex, so that the brain is like a picture of "the dried kernel of a walnut." The clinical symptoms are very similar to some other diseases of old age, but careful observation of the order of their development and change one another avoid diagnostic errors. It should be noted that Pick's disease is now virtually no treatment, while in Alzheimer's disease with early treatment can make the suspension progressive disorders.

Therefore, a need for accurate diagnosis of each disease, despite the similarity of their symptoms. For example, if both conditions is violated it in the form of dissociation, inability to correctly pronounce the word mix-up order of syllables in words, "dissociation" and chants of speech. Pick's disease, however, these violations are less pronounced, and personality changes are the primary type of apathy, reluctance to do anything, loss of interest in everything, the loss of spontaneity in the reactions, speech and behavior. These disorders Pick's disease combined with increased distractibility to any external stimuli, inability to concentrate on anything. In addition, more than for Alzheimer's disease, characterized by disinhibition of instincts - morbidly increased appetite up to gluttony, hypersexual behavior. Frustration drives often occur against a background of inadequate high spirits, which can cause an impression of moral and ethical depravity of man. Another distinction from Alzheimer's disease is a more recent occurrence of memory impairment in the form of forgetting the names of objects, names and appearance of familiar people and relatives. Course of the disease a gradual but more progressive than in Alzheimer's disease.

Treatment of Pick's disease is mainly symptomatic, ie directed not to cause disorder, since it is not known, and to relieve some symptoms. For example, if excessive anxiety, irritability or apathy prescribe the appropriate psychotropic medications - with calming or stimulating effect.

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