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Prevention of varicose veins

Prevention of varicose veins

As you know, it's better to prevent illness than to treat it. Prevention of varicose veins is primarily to address the factors that contribute to its emergence. Especially prevention of varicose veins is important for people whose lifestyle or profession are associated with prolonged standing. This applies to teachers, surgeons, etc.

Physical exercise. At every opportunity let your feet move opportunity. If you work for a very long sit (eg, computer), be sure to take breaks, get up from his desk to walk around the room, poprisedat and "stretch their legs." This technique also helps prevent the formation of hemorrhoids, as in the pathogenesis of these is somewhat similar.

Keep track of your weight. Excessive weight (obesity) is also a risk factor for varicose veins. Overweight "crushes" on the veins, causing them to increase blood pressure and there are prerequisites for varicose veins.

Often "hold" his feet in a horizontal position, especially those who are standing or sitting for long periods at work. At the same time facilitated the outflow of blood through the veins.
Avoid long sitting or standing. Try to work from time to time to go.

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