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Polyps of the stomach - Diagnosis Treatment

Polyps of the stomach - Diagnosis Treatment

Among the various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract occupies an important place polyps, which are often subject to malignant degeneration. Most often, polyps are localized in the stomach, then into the rectum and colon, rarely in the esophagus, duodenum and small intestine.

The causes of polyps are still unknown, the important role played by heredity.

Diagnosis of gastric polyps

Diagnosis of polyps to be difficult - most of the symptoms are not specific for this disease, and occur in other diseases zh.k.t. Further diagnosis requires the modern diagnostic equipment and highly qualified doctors.

Treatment of gastric polyps

In the treatment of polyps are used as conservative methods, and sparing minimally invasive surgery (polypectomy). In special cases, shows a radical operation - resection (gastroektomiy, subtotal or total kolonektomiy).

The advent of new technologies in medicine allows for a variety of endoscopic techniques for diagnosis and treatment. Modern endoscopes (fibrogastroskopy, fibroduodenoskop, fibrokolonoskop, etc.) allow you to view a particular section of the gastrointestinal tract, to clarify the location and extent of the process, take a picture, aiming to conduct a biopsy and surgery. The emergence of flexible endoscopes with a biopsy channel of the support and development of special tools now allow to carry out polypectomy during gastroscopy. Histological study of the structure of the polyp in this case is an opportunity for a fair clarify the nature of the tumor.

The use of endoscopic methods of research, along with X-ray and clinical laboratory methods significantly increased the diagnostic capabilities and allows for more rational treatment policy. But despite these achievements, the polyps become cancerous frequently.

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