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Fracture of coccyx

Fracture of the coccyx is more common in older people. It occurs in the fall on the buttocks, much less, with direct impact in the region of the coccyx. Patients complain of pain in the coccyx. The pain is worse when walking, sitting, in the act of defecation. Sits a victim very carefully on the edge of the chair. Refine the diagnosis of rectal digital examination and radiological examination.

Treatment of fracture of the coccyx is the fracture analgesia. Then we recommend bed rest in the supine position. Under the terms of the sacrum is enclosed rubber, in such a way that the lower part of the sacrum and the coccyx was not based on the bed. If necessary, repeat anesthesia.

Appointed cleansing enema to avoid constipation and offset the coccyx in the act of defecation. Treatment time up to 1 month. Sometimes there is a need for surgical treatment in the event that there is a significant displacement of fragments, or there is persistent pain. Otlomok removed.

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