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Syphilitic keratitis

Syphilitic keratitis

Syphilitic keratitis is also called parenchymal, or diffuse deep. Usually it occurs in congenital syphilis, when the baby is born already syphilis, infected by the mother in utero.

Syphilitic keratitis is manifested in age from 5 to 20 years, at an older age before he vstechalsya, but with the advent of antibiotics were possible cases of syphilitic keratitis in people 30-40 years. Very rarely, a keratitis occurs in younger children.

The disease is usually not serious. Of congenital syphilis keratitis affects both eyes, and gained - often one eye. In early disease there is condensation of the cornea - infiltration. The patient is worried about feeling the sand in the eyes, itching, pain, but all of these manifestations are not very pronounced.

There is a slight redness of the sclera near the cornea. Seal of the cornea very slowly increasing, the cornea can become cloudy throughout, edema - a phase of infiltration, which lasts about one month.

Then comes the phase of vascularization - sealed in newly formed blood vessels sprout cornea. The patient's complaints are amplified. Pains in the eyes, watery eyes. Vision disturbed by the fact that the cornea becomes cloudy. In the inflammatory process involves the iris and ciliary body. This phase can last up to two months.

Then gradually subsides inflammation: pain, lacrimation decreased. Clouded cornea gradually clears. The process of enlightenment of the cornea is long, ranging from several months to one year. Vision, which could fall dramatically, to the extent that the patient could distinguish only light and darkness can recover almost completely. In general, the disease can last up to two years, but his prediction about the safety features of good.

Treatment of syphilitic keratitis necessarily involves treatment of the underlying disease - syphilis. Appointed by the instillation of solutions into the eyes of glucocorticoid hormones. Injection of enzymes are used to better infiltrate resorption, methyluracil.

Sometimes, when persistent corneal opacity is necessary to resort to surgical treatment with different types of keratoplasty, lamellar keratectomy.

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