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Cleansing the body

Cleansing the body

Cleansing the body - a very popular procedure among people today, who decided suddenly that their bodies are contaminated with various slag. But ideally, our body has to process all the substance and smoothly remove the remains, but the modern ecology leads to harmful substances, toxins, which are products of incomplete digestion and metabolism, nevertheless accumulate in body tissues - gut cells connective tissue in the extracellular space, interstitial fluid.

And from this, according to experts on cleansing the body, develops constant fatigue, sleepiness during the day and insomnia at night, headaches, and decreased performance - so your body asks for help. At this time the vessels are laid atherosclerotic plaques, venous blood stagnates, thickens the bile, the food is not digested, accumulates secret in the airways, which is a precursor to serious illnesses. All this leads to the fact that the quality of life decreases sharply, and you can not enjoy it as before. Therefore, the greatest popularity of cleansing the body was in a complex application for getting rid of the disease and treatment of obesity.

There are many ways to cleanse the body - cleansing enemas, fasting, special diets, and many others

Very popular and well known hydro, when the intestine is cleared with an enema, but the liquid is fed in large amounts (up to 60 liters) is not in the rectum and colon. At the same time through a special outlet tip the contents of the colon appears in the sewer. With the fluid from the intestines out accumulated sediment on the walls of his stool, toxins, and toxins.

Hydrotherapy also helps excretion of radionuclides, heavy metals and phenols. The procedure is performed in special clinics as well as at home to perform such cleaning is difficult. But all of the procedure, you are under the supervision of a physician to avoid complications. Practice has shown that a cleansing of the body gets rid of extra pounds, improves skin, hair and nails.

Unfortunately, this suffers from intestinal microflora, which is gradually washed out, which limits the use of colon hydrotherapy - a course of 5-6 procedures performed no more than twice a year. You can make routine enemas with saline solution or urine. This is a home detox method. In the large intestine is introduced liquid by means of special devices. But this is also general concern and can lead to serious disruption of the colon and lack of necessary materials, which produces the microflora of the colon. Therefore, all the same it would be better if you go to a specialist.

To carry out cleansing of the body, and you can go without food, dosage and treatment, this method is called fasting-diet therapy. The idea is that in the absence of food in the stomach secreted enzymes it difficult to enter the gastrointestinal tract, can be expanded and serve to supply the body in the new conditions for it. The basis of the therapeutic effect is the loss of non-viable cellular structures, the active release of the final products of metabolism, endotoxins.

From the usual diet fasting-diet therapy compares favorably with its own individual approach to the human body, taking into account body mass index, sex, age, type of pathology and the presence of concomitant diseases. This method treats and heals the body, which leads not only to improve health, but also the moral and psychological recovery.

Since there is quite a serious limitation in the diet, the method is carried out only in the hospital. But the habitual diet changes, and for life, which for many is simply difficult to do.

And, of course, heard of the miraculous ways people cleanse the body, while the order cleared the intestine, liver, kidneys, intercellular fluid. A product for the procedure can be different, but most often it is medicinal herbs - oregano, sage, lemon balm, knotweed and many other aromatic and conventional vegetable oils, honey. It is believed that the effectiveness of traditional methods of cleansing the body tested for centuries, but also such familiar plants can be for someone to powerful effect, and therefore this effect would be nice to be under the supervision of a physician.

The above methods are known to cleanse the body for a long time, but still evolving, and new techniques. For example, therapeutic plasmapheresis. When plasmapheresis removes a certain amount of blood from the blood, separated into its components and its return into the bloodstream. At the same time removed from the blood of toxins that may be generated inside the body (for different diseases), or fall from the environment (water, food, air).

All techniques, one way or another, have proved themselves and show some efficacy, but in any event, having started cleansing the body, follow certain rules. First, the sequence of cleaning - first, the colon, then the liver and gall bladder, behind them - cleaning tissue fluid and blood vessels, and only then proceed to clean the kidneys. Such consistency will help you avoid the spread of toxins throughout the body and re-absorption of harmful substances. And after each step to give the body time to rest, haste in this matter is not an assistant.

Cleansing the body has a very profound impact, so you should first go to a consultation with your doctor to determine the contraindications, such as increased gastric acidity, as well as violations of the digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, and excretory systems purge should not be.

In diseases such as diabetes, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis, severe hypertension, heart disease and kidney failure to carry out strong cleansing the body of toxins, even dangerous. It is better to refrain from doing so and in those cases where there is sickness or a cold infectious nature of acute diseases of internal organs in a state of exhaustion, anger or stress, internal discomfort and even more so if not penetrated the consciousness of the need to cleanse the body.

During pregnancy and lactation, as well as the week before and week after menstruation women also should not purge. The main thing is to maintain a reasonable approach during detoxification, and you will achieve a good result.

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