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The consequences of surgical treatment of varicose veins

The consequences of surgical treatment of varicose veins

Postoperative period may occur in different ways. This depends on the method and extent of surgery, degree of trauma, the type of anesthesia is applicable.

There is often bruising along the remote vessel, and sometimes can develop and minor bleeding from the wounds. The reason for this - during the operation neperevyazannye small venous tributaries.

At 3 - 4 days after surgery, a slight improvement in overall body temperature, due to aseptic inflammation of the blood accumulated under the skin. Sometimes, if it accumulates a large amount, in the course of the veins palpable painful seal in the shape of heavyweights. It should be noted that the redness of tissue over them should not be, otherwise it will be evidence of bacterial inflammation.

Phlebectomy may be complicated by secondary infection of the wound with the development of septic complications. Incision in the groin phlebectomy is designed to provide access, which is produced through mechanical separation of subcutaneous and femoral veins, usually a patient does not cause anxiety. But it may be that as a result of damage to the lymphatic vessels in this zone develops limfotechenie which macerate the skin, causing a rather unpleasant experience.

It is also possible blood clots in deep veins as a result of inactivity on the background of prolonged bed rest, which becomes the cause of phlebothrombosis with all the consequences (up to a pulmonary embolism). To avoid such complications, drug use prevention, aimed at improving blood rheological properties, elastic compression of the lower extremities and sparing motor mode.

After phlebectomy cosmetic effect is determined by genetic predisposition to the formation of scar tissue. Different patients with almost equal terms wounds heal in different ways: some neatly, while others - there are rude keloids. Particularly noteworthy are long-term effects of surgical treatment of varicose veins, which, in fact, as such treatment and is not, and is only a measure to combat the external manifestations of the disease.

The disease is not curable and the risk of recurrence and progression of the pathological process is preserved. In order to minimize it, by a complex post-operative prophylaxis, which can not be ignored in any case.

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