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Raynauds disease - Treatment

Raynauds disease - Treatment

Raynaud's disease refers to a group of trophic disorders of small blood vessels. At the heart of its occurrence is the sudden vascular spasm in the peripheral parts of the body - most commonly the hands. In the classical form of Raynaud's syndrome has been described as an attack consisting of three phases:

blanching and cooling of the fingers, accompanied by pains in them
accession marked cyanosis and increased pain
the appearance of a bright red color of the skin and a gradual decrease in pain.

Duration of attack for several minutes. These disorders have been well described for other peripheral, protruding parts of the body - the feet, nose, ears. All this, too, Raynaud's syndrome.

For Raynaud's disease is characterized by symmetrical lesions feet, at the hands of the disease may appear at first with one hand. Attacks of blanching and cyanosis often develop under the influence of cooling or emotional stress, at least - for no apparent reason.

Course of disease progression, but life is not dangerous: pathological disorders affect only the small vessels of the skin and internal organs and large vessels are not damaged. As a result of frequent vascular spasm on the protruding parts of the body breaks down food tissues, honor leads to frequent complications of inflammatory skin can easily occur and slow to heal injuries and cuts. In severe cases, possibly even death, and rejection of the terminal phalanges with the development of gross deformation of the hands.

Along with Raynaud's disease as a separate disease, was isolated Raynaud's syndrome, occurring against the backdrop of other diseases. Thus, the syndrome often occurs against a background of connective tissue diseases, especially scleroderma. The role of occupational diseases in its development: vibration disease, intoxication by various chemicals. With Raynaud's syndrome can occur, some diseases of the spine, as well as diseases of CNS (syringomyelia, stroke). Syndrome, in contrast to the Raynaud's disease, often one-sided.

Differentiate as a syndrome, and Raynaud's disease often have other peripheral vascular diseases, such as rodonalgia. When the disease is not narrowing, but rather the expansion of blood vessels of the hands, so the pain is accompanied by a reddening of the skin. However, as with Raynaud's disease, may develop in the rodonalgia trophic and inflammatory disorders in the affected areas.

Treatment of Raynaud's disease is to eliminate the factors that provoke an attack - cold, humidity, and emotional overload. At the same time prescribe drugs that improve peripheral circulation and prevent vasoconstriction.

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