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Diseases of the nervous apparatus of the larynx

Diseases of the nervous apparatus of the larynx

Sensory disturbances may be caused by central and peripheral factors. Violation of the sensitivity is expressed:

  • anesthesia
  • hyperesthesia
  • paresthesia.

Anesthesia larynx is more common in traumatic lesions of the larynx or verhnegortannogo nerve. Seed can also be applied to the bodies of surgery neck. Sometimes anesthesia larynx occurs in diphtheria. Anesthesia usually causes a slight subjective feelings, but sometimes it is dangerous because of possible contact with pieces of food and fluid in the airways.

Hyperesthesia larynx differs varying intensity, sometimes assumes the character of neuralgia. With an increase in sensitivity can be observed and the phenomenon of perversion. The cause hyperesthesia is often a common disease of the nervous system or changes in peripheral nerves of the mucous membrane. The disease is accompanied by pain when breathing and speaking.

Paresthesia larynx expressed a wide variety of sensations as tingling, burning, foreign body sensation, spasm, etc.

Laryngeal movement disorders are manifested in the form of partial or complete loss of function. Such violations may result from inflammatory and regenerative process in the larynx and in laryngeal nerves. They may be the central and peripheral origin. Distinguished:
  • neurogenic
  • myogenic paresis
  • palsy.

Paralysis of central origin. Develop in hysteria, traumatic neurosis, intracranial hemorrhages, multiple sclerosis, syphilis, etc. May be unilateral or bilateral. Clinical symptoms are reduced to the disorder of speech, sometimes breath taking and often very severe course. In addition to the paralysis observed phenomena and convulsive character.

Myopathic paralysis caused by lesions of the larynx. The reasons for such paralysis can be various infectious diseases (diphtheria, influenza, typhoid, tuberculosis), a large exercise in the larynx, which is observed in the singers, speakers, etc. Complaints of patients with myopathic paralysis of larynx often reduced to a breach of voice - there is hoarseness, fatigue during phonation, etc. However, it should be borne in mind that the bilateral paralysis of hind perstnecherpalovidnyh muscles may occur suffocation, often during sleep or anxiety.

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