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Cardiology: Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiology: Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiology (from Greek by. Kardía - heart and Greek. Lógos - word study), a branch of medicine that studies the structure, function, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, their causes, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis. In addition, cardiology considering methods of treatment, prevention, issues of medical rehabilitation of patients with lesions of the cardiovascular system.

Cardiovascular disease - the main cause of disability and premature death, residents of economically developed countries. Today, the proportion of these diseases in the structure of mortality is 40-60%, with the continued growth of morbidity and loss of people are younger, making cardiovascular disease the most important medical and social health problem.

Modern diagnostic methods in cardiology (ECG, phonocardiography, angiocardiography, cardiac catheterization, a large number of biochemical techniques, etc.) can detect diseases of the heart and blood vessels in the early stages and carry out effective prevention and treatment.

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