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Hydrocele - Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Hydrocele - Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Hydrocele, hydrocele or hydrocele testis membranes - a disease in which the accumulation of fluid between the sheets of shell eggs.

Water-cooled shell eggs can be:

congenital (usually in children)

purchased (in adults).

Causes of congenital hydrocele following. Testis during the prenatal period descends into the scrotum on the inguinal canal, along with the egg moves and part of the peritoneum, which is called the processus vaginalis of the peritoneum. Then, the lumen of the vaginal process of peritoneum overgrown. If this gap does not grow out of the abdomen it is going to liquid. In addition the cells lining the peritoneum, which is covered from the inside peritoneal appendage themselves capable of producing a liquid. Vaginal process can communicate with the peritoneum or be blind. If it communicates with the peritoneum, the fluid can circulate some of hydrocele in the abdominal cavity. If the hydrocele is diagnosed in the newborn child, the treatment does not start. Such a hydrocele may disappear when the very process of imperforate peritoneum and resorption of fluid from a hydrocele.

Acquired hydrocele occurs in inflammatory diseases of the scrotum, scrotal and perineal trauma, disruption of lymphatic drainage of the scrotum. Sometimes a hydrocele testis membranes may be reactive with vopalitelnyh processes in the testis or epididymis, or testicular torsion with. Such a hydrocele disappears with the disappearance of the underlying disease.

Adrift distinguish acute and chronic hydrocele. Typically, hydrocephalus is not accompanied by egg shells pain. The liquid in the egg shells can accumulate very slowly, in some cases, the accumulation of fluid may come leaps and bounds. When edema shell eggs can be felt in the scrotum formation of pear-shaped, whose base is below, and narrowed the tip directed toward the inguinal canal. Sometimes the fluid can enter the inguinal canal. Then hydrocele may take the form of an hourglass constriction of the external inguinal ring. Dimensions of hydrocele may be different from small increases in the size of the scrotum to the formation of spherical size of a football. Pain during palpation usually does not happen. The skin of the scrotum remains intact, it is easy to shift. Hydrocele detectable as dense flexible education. With a large amount of hydrocele, it can be a barrier to sexual intercourse, sometimes have problems with urination.

The diagnosis of hydrocele is adjusted with testicular ultrasound, and transillumination. Ultrasound examination found an accumulation of fluid between the shells and unchanged testicular testicle. Transillumination - a method based on candling. With all of hydrocele formation illuminated uniformly. Sometimes hemorrhage into the cavity of hydrocele due to injury or failure to puncture her accumulated blood. This condition is called haematocele. With the penetration of infection and suppuration occurs piotsele education. Purulent hydrocele occurs more frequently with orchitis and epididymitis as a result of infection with an abscess of the testicle or epididymis.

Treatment of hydrocele. Treatment of hydrocele testis with inflammatory diseases and its appendages is to treat the underlying disease: the appointment of antibiotic therapy, rest and wearing a jockstrap. To remove fluid from hydrocele hydrocele puncture performed. The liquid in this case was removed and injected into the cavity of sclerosing agents. This method of treatment can be complications. If unsuccessful puncture of the shell eggs may be damaged, there is bleeding in the cavity and hydrocele accumulated blood. Sometimes, the cavity can be entered hydrocele infection and inflammation occurs. A radical method of treatment is surgery. When edema of testicular membranes performed two types of surgery.

The operation of Winckelmann. In this surgical intervention is one of the leaflets of its own egg shell cut through the front surface, turn inside out and sew the back of the testicle. In this fluid accumulation is no longer happening.

Operation Bergman. Part of the inner layer of the shell's own eggs are removed, the remainder of the stitch. Postoperatively, antibiotics, and are appointed for a time wearing a jockstrap.

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