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Treatment of multiple sclerosis stem cells

Treatment of multiple sclerosis stem cells

All patients with multiple sclerosis is important to know: now you can get rid of the disease or to obtain a completely stable remission. Until now, the complexity of the treatment of multiple sclerosis was the unpredictability of the symptoms in each patient, as well as variability in the manifestations of the disease.

The essence of multiple sclerosis - the destruction of myelin, or demyelination. Myelin is necessary for the protection of nerve tissue that provides the person the correct execution of all functions: mental and physical. Myelin is destroyed due to "attack" on him repeatedly increased the cell population's own immune system. Because of the substantial failure, the causes of which are still not completely understood, the immune system, instead of protection from external intrusion, perceives myelin as a threat to health and begins to destroy its cells in series.

Restoration of myelin - the main problem in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, but for most modern methods, it remains elusive. Drug therapy combined administration of drugs designed to stop demyelination and achieve remission, and rehabilitation measures with experts in various fields. In some cases, this approach achieves the goal: the symptoms of multiple sclerosis is reduced, achieved remission. But to stop the process of demyelination, and even more so, to restore the destroyed myelin is, today, can not be any drug.

And yet, multiple sclerosis can be cured! The use of autologous stem cells eliminates the symptoms of the disease and creates a stable remission, and even completely eliminates multiple sclerosis patients.

How do stem cells

Stem cells play a special role in the human body. This is the only population of cells, which are not inherent functional orientation. All other cells - nerve, muscle, joint, etc. - can only perform a single function.

The uniqueness of stem cells is their strong recovery and ability to differentiate into cells of any kind. These are the qualities of stem cells form the basis of a single licensed method capable to defeat multiple sclerosis.

In order to obtain stem cells - progenitors of the future "treatment" of the population, taken a small amount of biological material from a patient with multiple sclerosis of the bone marrow (or fat). Experts of the Clinic is isolated from the existing sample as a viable stem cells and cultured (grown) of up to 200 million. The resulting cell population is sufficient to treat multiple sclerosis and create your own "safety margin" for the future - part of the patient's stem cells stored indefinitely in the Bank of stem cells.

Multiple sclerosis is treated with two transplants (introductions) stem cells into the patient, with an interval of 6 months between treatments. From this moment begins the recovery!

Circulation deliver stem cells to areas of demyelination (destruction of the myelin sheath). A further mechanism of stem cells is that they are attached to the healthy tissues of the brain and spinal cord and regenerate (renew) the cellular composition of the myelin sheath on each damaged site. As a result, all the nerve fibers are again protected by myelin.

Maximum results of cell therapy, until the full redemption of the diagnosis reached at the beginning of treatment with stem cells at the early stages of multiple sclerosis. Demyelination stops regenerated myelin, and the patient quickly and naturally restores the correct execution of the functions: sharp movements of the hands and feet, ability to concentrate, memory, vision, etc.

Stem cell therapy offers an unprecedented results even in cases of multiple sclerosis, diagnosed seven years or more ago, with already-formed symptoms and functional impairment. Stem cells prevent further demyelination and regenerate areas of myelin, which survived for at least 20% of healthy tissue.

In particular, patients who have multiple sclerosis, "with the experience," noted the restoration of vital forces, the internal positive attitude and confidence that gives a powerful stimulus to the beginning of rehabilitation specialists. A strong biological impulse, obtained after stem cell transplantation, rehabilitation takes a completely different quality. Now patients do not develop limbs to regain their sharpness of motion. The accuracy of motion back in a natural way, as a result of reduced myelin and proper transmission of nerve impulses, and physical rehabilitation specialist needs to return to the mobility of the limbs and power - securing a positive experience.

Getting rid of double vision, tremor, and spasticity of muscles, loss of balance, inability to engage in mental activity and other manifestations of multiple sclerosis - the result of reduced transmission of nerve impulses as a result of the regenerated myelin.

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