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Treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer

Treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer

Treatment of peptic ulcer disease includes many components. Appointed by conservative medical treatment. Peace, the exclusion of emotional stress and tension. In the acute stage the patient may be hospitalized for treatment.

It is recommended diet. The diet should be rich in protein (meat, fish, eggs) as well as protein food promotes healing of ulcers. We use the principles of mechanical chemical and thermal schazheniya gastric mucosa.

Mechanical schazheniya requires sufficient chopping food, exclusion of coarse solid and dry food, cooking food for a couple.

Chemical schazheniya achieved strong exception to the diet of soups, smoked meats, spices, acidic foods.

Receive a warm meal can achieve thermal schazheniya mucosa of the stomach and duodenum.

All this helps to reduce the functional activity of the gastric glands that produce hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen. Some products (milk, eggs) is associated hydrochloric acid, thereby reducing the acidity of gastric contents. Remove from the diet of irritating products helps to slow the motor activity of the stomach, which helps to improve the digestive power of gastric juice. The food should contain a sufficient amount of vitamins.

Meals should be fractional - 5-6 times a day. Encouraged to take food in small portions. Overeating should be avoided. Do not use alcohol. Smoking should also be avoided, or at least severely restricted. Since it is proved that smokers ulcer scar is much longer than non-smokers.

Contemporary approaches to diet a little bit softer refer to restrictions. The patient should be in a state of emotional comfort, and he understood the need for the assigned diet. If any of the products are well tolerated by patients, he can use it, of course, in moderation. Patients suffering from anxiety disorders and other psycho-emotional areas need to be treated with psychotherapy.

Medical treatment of peptic ulcer is divided into acute treatment of ulcers and the prevention of recurrence of peptic ulcer disease.

In the acute stage of ulcer disease used several groups of drugs.

Drugs that reduce the aggressiveness of gastric contents. This local action of drugs or antacids. They lead to a reduction of gastric acidity by alkalization of the medium. In the lower acidity of the aggressiveness of the enzymes produced by the stomach is reduced. In addition, the accelerated evacuation of stomach contents into the duodenum. In their application decreases pain in the stomach. Recent research found that aluminum-based antacids have a protective effect to gastric epithelial cells, increase the production of gastric mucus. The benefits include antacids and quickness of their action. In mild ulcerative process without H. pylori infection is sometimes limited to the appointment of only those drugs. These drugs include Vikair, vikalin, Fosfalyugel, Almagel, gastrogel, almol, Maalox, topalkan.

Drugs that block histamine receptors in the stomach. They inhibit gastric secretion, which stimulates histamine, reducing the amount of hydrochloric acid in gastric contents. First-generation drugs - cimetidine, have many side effects and therefore are not used. Use a second-generation drugs - Ranitidine, and third-generation drugs - famotidine (kvamatel, gastrosedin, topsid).

Blockers, proton pump. These drugs, acting at the level of gastric parietal cells, prevent the release of hydrogen ions into the cavity of the stomach. This is achieved by reducing the acidity of gastric juice. Such drugs include omeprazole, pantoprazole, lansoprazole. Currently, they are considered the most effective and safe antiulcer drugs.

Sometimes drugs are used holinoliticheskie (metacin, platifillin, gastrotsepin). They suppress the secretion of hydrochloric acid, but sometimes it can have undesirable effects on gastric motility.

Drugs that increase the protective properties of gastric mucosa. This is sucralfate (Venter) biogastron, duogastron, denol, methyluracil, pentoxy, etad, Solcoseryl, sea buckthorn oil, gastrofarm.

Preparations of other groups - psychotropic drugs, dopamine receptor blockers, etc.
After the relief of acute and healing process of ulcers, patients who have H. pylori infection has been found necessary to carry out eradication Helicobakter pylori. To destroy the helicobacter obligatory in triple therapy.

Treatment involves three components:

Antibiotic. This is usually amoxicillin or clarithromycin, tetracycline, sometimes.

Antimicrobial drug - metranidazol (trihopol, tinidazole).

Proton pump inhibitor (omeprazole, rabeprazole), or bismuth preparations.

This regimen is used for 7-14 days and allows for the destruction of Helicobacter pylori in 90% of patients. Patients should be aware that prescribed treatment must be fully implemented. Interruption of treatment, unauthorized changing it leads to a stable population Helicobacter pylori, which is then very difficult to fight. Patients assigned to physiotherapy and it is recommended spa treatment in sanatoria with curative mineral waters.

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