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Pregnancy - expert advice in the first trimester

Pregnancy - expert advice in the first trimester

Back pain, stretch marks, "sagging belly"

Teach yourself with the first months of pregnancy, always stand up straight. Spread the shoulders, straighten your back, so to balance the weight of the fetus. The main burden should fall on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Shoulders lowered and laid back, chest lifted, back straight, abdominal muscles are tense, your buttocks are selected, knees slightly bent, legs slightly apart.

Constipation is pregnant

During pregnancy, the work of the intestine is somewhat slower, as the hormone progesterone released, relaxing the muscles of the intestine and causes "stagnation" and slowing intestinal motility. Try to organize the work of the intestine. Diversify food, eat foods rich in fiber. If there is no swelling and normal kidneys work, drink plenty of water. Perform regular exercises articular and soft-training workout. Compose well-diet and diet.

The change of emotional state

Can irritability, anxiety, emotions become more shallow, there may be laughter or tears for no reason. This is because during pregnancy the body changes and adapts to pregnancy, increases the load on the endocrine system, kidneys, pancreas, heart. In the first weeks of pregnancy a woman may be more tired. It may appear indifferent to sex. It all goes to the second trimester. Try to get plenty of rest. If possible, go to bed early, relax in the afternoon. Strive to help themselves - regularly listen to pleasant music for you, sing, read children's books. Communicate with your baby. More often in the open air. The saturation of oxygen, the state of inner peace have a beneficial impact on overall health and can prevent the possible emergence of grueling bouts of nausea. Good help water treatments, such as a comfortable shower. If the doctor allows, you can take a warm (not above 37 ° C) bath infusion of herbs or essential oils added. Teas from the mint, lemon balm, lavender, rose hips, hawthorn, or knotweed can reduce anxiety and irritability. In certain cases, aromatherapy helps, but it is important to choose wisely essential oils.

Morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, early toxicosis

It is believed that with the help of early abortion the mother's body gets rid of harmful substances to the fetus. In fact, early toxicosis is a defensive reaction of the organism. As a result, the body adapts to his new condition, and for the development of the fetus is established favorable internal environment. However, nausea is due not only to hormonal changes and the adaptation of an organism to a new state, but also mental factors. Such as fear and uncertainty to the upcoming birth. Should be as early as possible to determine pregnancy. This largely removes the problem of early toxicity.

It is desirable to focus their efforts on the recovery of the organism. Often nausea and vomiting - the result of an unhealthy diet, which can not cope with the digestive system. Clean the body. The course of purification diet Bernard Jensen, fasting days, or days that you are using a low-calorie foods may help your condition. If not contraindicated by a physician, you can clean the colon with cleansing enema. Conduct regular water treatment, for example, take a comfortable shower.

To reduce nausea as follows:

Eat anything without getting up from bed, for example, a piece of dried bread or cracker.

Eat a little, but often.

In the early stages of pregnancy acid gastric juice is poor, so in this period will be useful acidic juice (preferably orange) fruit drinks (cranberry, currants, cranberries ...), jelly, stewed fruit and dried fruit.

In the morning at breakfast you can drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and honey or hot infusion of herbs. But we must remember that herbal extracts - not just a drink, and drugs that should be taken in certain doses and prescribed by a doctor.
To prevent vomiting, it is helpful to drink infusions of peppermint, ginger, lemon balm, cinnamon, raspberry leaf, chamomile flowers, hops cones.

Useful in this period of pregnancy dairy products such as yogurt, biokefir, bifidok ...

If necessary, take medications that contribute to the restoration of the normal composition of intestinal microflora.

Can bring relief to the infusion of the seeds of oats, slimy broth from Hercules, barley, rye flakes, or, in the absence of constipation from rice.

It is recommended to reduce the fat and protein foods, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables.

Instead of coffee use coffee drink "golden spike" of cereals, including barley, oats, rye. Also suitable coffee from chicory or dandelion.

If an attack of vomiting lasting, you should call your doctor.

Before coming to the doctor:

Make a small enema with decoction of chamomile or mint, or with the use of lemon juice (not citric acid).

Take a warm comfortable shower, cold water can be himself with water.
Drinking acidic juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, homemade soda (1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey to dissolve in a glass of cool boiled water).
It may help herbal tea of mint or lemon balm.

You can put a compress on the abdomen, this wet towel in cold water, wring it well, wrap around the waist, upper warm scarf, shawl or blanket.

Put to the right side of warm (not hot) water bottle.
Lie down to rest.
Avoid strong odors.
Deep and quiet breath of fresh air, trying to relax.


In the early stages of pregnancy may be dizzy. Feeling weak and faint, oppressive or boring headaches during pregnancy may be associated with low blood pressure (hypotension) and / or anemia. Hormonal changes in the body and the nervous system imbalance psychovegetative can also cause headaches. Muscles relax the blood vessels of the hormones, and the force of gravity more than counteracts the movement of blood in the brain, causing weakness, unsteady gait, dizziness.
Change the position of the body slowly, so that the vessels were able to adapt.
Get up, not dramatically, but slowly turned over on his stomach and calmly put his feet on the floor.

Avoid standing for long periods.

Feeling a sudden weakness, sit on a chair to the floor, or on his haunches, put his head on his knees, or lean on your hands.
Eat often and little by little. Vertigo can be associated with low blood sugar, which often occurs at long intervals between meals. Eat foods high in protein and carbohydrates. Carry a raisin, dried fruit or fruit, bread and bran - reception of these products rapidly increases blood sugar.

Dizziness may occur when you stay in a stuffy room (store, subway, bus, in class ...). No fuss, and get out into the fresh air, or open the window. Explain that you do not have enough air, then lower the issues and claims. Free clothing, collar. To avoid fainting should increase the flow of blood through the vessels. To do this, if possible, lie on your back and lift the legs above your head or sit on a chair and how you can lower your head between your knees wide apart. You can get on one knee and bend over as if tying shoelaces.

Make a point massage of hands and feet using massage rings and seeds by the method of Su Jok therapy.

Every day, spend the whole body dry grinding plant sponge (loofah), or mitt, made of hard, rough towels a canvas. Grinding is carried out in a circular motion with a small force. Triturated first with one hand from the fingers up along the lymph vessels to the heart, then his neck, face, then turn both legs (especially important to rub the soles), the hip upward, the abdomen with gentle circular motions, shoulders and back. After grinding, take a comfortable shower.

In attacks of headache is useful to drink teas from herbs that have analgesic effect - peppermint, chamomile, fennel, nettle.

It is pleasant and relaxing are vegetable oils. Moisten a cotton swab in a mixture of essential oils and vegetable (1 drop of essential oil and 9 drops of vegetable oil) and apply to temples, or just smell. Suitable essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus or geranium. To alleviate the headache is recommended to rub lavender oil into the skin at the nape and temples. However, it is important to focus on their own experience. Choose for yourself a nice essential oil.

In acute attacks of headaches on the forehead, place a damp towel, wrapped in a cold cottage cheese. This pack has a sedative effect and helps relieve the pain.

Frequent urination

Frequent urination is common and happens more frequently in early pregnancy and in recent months. One of the factors causing the increase in frequency of urination, is to increase the volume of fluid in the body, and reinforced the work of the kidneys, which are faster to get rid of harmful products of changes in the body of the mother. In the third trimester is often associated with the increasing pressure of the uterus on the bladder.
Try to limit your fluid intake after 16 hours. Less than drink the night before and walk. On the day of fluid intake should be approximately 2 liters.
Lean forward when there is urine, will release full bladder.

Watch for urine tests. Upon detection of the protein in the urine, follow your doctor's instructions.

In addition, we recommend the following procedure: starve or move to a low-calorie diet, a course of cleansing diet Bernard Jensen, drink warm herb teas, cranberry juice and cranberries. Suitable for this collection: sheet and / or strawberries, leaves and / or berries, cranberries, rose hips, dandelion root, nettle herb, grass, knotweed, horsetail grass, flowers, lime, hawthorn flowers. Tea from this herb has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action. If necessary, consult with your doctor. We recommend a dosage of 1 teaspoon of the collection, pour a glass of boiling water, brew. Strain. Drink throughout the day, diluting with boiling water as tea. Drink vitamin drinks from fruits and berries - black, red, white currant, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, red bilberries, blueberries, gooseberries, rose hips, apples, cherries ... In this case, the dosage is not important. Kindly eat or cook fruit drinks, fruit drinks, jelly.

Involuntary urination

Urinary incontinence may occur with coughing, fast walking, running, or sneezing. Called by the pressure of the growing fetus on the bladder or pelvic floor muscle weakness. Most empty the bladder. If necessary, consult a doctor. Do exercises to strengthen pelvic floor and perineum.

Gingival bleeding

The weakness of the gums often linked to hormonal changes. The gums become weak and easily inflamed. Brush your teeth with a soft brush, pick up the toothpaste. Carefully caress her mouth after a meal. Apply swab of cotton wool soaked in the infusion of herbs, to the gums. Gathering herbs for strengthening the gums: oak bark, grass, sage, grass, eucalyptus, yarrow herb, St. John's wort herb, grass, knotweed, nettle herb, grass, chamomile, calendula flowers and grass. Prepare the infusion, the bay one cup boiling water 1 tbsp collection of herbs. After 30 minutes, strain. Recommended application: loose cotton balls soak in a warm infusion and put it on for 5-7 minutes on the gums. Repeat the procedure several times a day - morning, after meals (pre-cleaned mouth) and in the evening before bedtime. If you think this procedure is time consuming, replace it with the rinse. Infusion of anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, and disinfectant action.

Poor condition of teeth

After an unhealthy teeth can be transmitted infection. Heal your teeth before the planned pregnancy. Pick up the herbal supplements that strengthen the teeth and gums. Follow the diet. Consume foods rich in calcium, trace elements and vitamins. If necessary, see your dentist. Heal teeth. But remember to do x-rays or general anesthesia during this period is not recommended. Try to get only positive emotions. Worry, fear, stress is unlikely to be helpful to your child ... At the end of the first trimester it is desirable to regularly attend courses to prepare for childbirth classes psychoprophylactic training school for expectant mothers

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