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Distribution of adipose tissue

Distribution of adipose tissue

Main body fat a person has under the skin, and stomach area. The thickness of the layer of fat on my stomach in people with increased weight may reach 15-20 cm. Fat deposits are not homogeneous, they are presented in the form of slices of 5-10 mm.

In the abdominal fat is deposited not only under the skin. There is a special organ of the abdominal cavity, called the omentum. Omental fat cells can accumulate very large amounts of fat. In addition, there are significant fat deposits in the so-called retroperitoneal space, where are the kidneys, pancreas, aorta and other organs.

Distribution of adipose tissue in our bodies is uneven. When we talk about obesity, there are two types of fat deposition:

They are sometimes referred to as funny fat deposition, "according to the type of apple" and "the type of pear." In the central type of obesity fat is stored mainly in the abdominal cavity (which is why it is sometimes called abdominal). If it is delayed peripheral obesity more under the skin. It turned out that these two types of fat deposits vary in its significance.

In the central type of obesity around the internal organs is delayed more brown fat, is metabolically active. When a peripheral obesity metabolically deposited under the skin of inactive white fat. The consequences of the central and peripheral obesity is also different. Almost all health troubles related to central obesity. Diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, as complications of obesity are just at the central deposition of fat.

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