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Laparoscopy - a method of diagnosis and treatment of infertility

Laparoscopy - a method of diagnosis and treatment of infertility

During laparoscopy, you can directly see the eye of the internal sex organs and women get through this, detailed information about their condition.

Laparoscopy - an operation during which the abdominal cavity the patient is administered instrument with optics.

In cases of diagnostic laparoscopy, when its only purpose is to establish the cause and nature of infertility, only one small incision (5-7 mm) in the navel or just below and to one side of it.

In those cases where in addition to diagnostic purposes, the task of surgery on the tubes or ovaries, is done one or two additional cut of 5-7 mm, usually on the right and left lower abdomen. In this case, becomes operative laparoscopy.

As diagnostic and operative laparoscopy can be performed not in all patients.

The main contraindication to it is a massive adhesions in the abdominal cavity, associated with large abdominal operation, the patient who has undergone in the past on occasion, such as peritonitis, intestinal obstruction, etc. In this case, the high risk of life-threatening damage to the bowel during laparoscopy with severe consequences for the patient.

Another major contraindication to laparoscopy is severely impaired cardiac function, as This operation is performed in the position of the patient upside down and filling the abdominal cavity with gas, which can cause cardiac decompensation.

Diagnostic laparoscopy is usually performed under local anesthesia, operative - under general anesthesia.

Keep in mind that laparoscopy is an additional, not primary diagnostic method. It complements rather than replaces the X-ray of the pelvic organs. Diagnostic laparoscopy is a mandatory step in operative laparoscopy.

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