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How does the weight loss after gastric banding

How does the weight loss after gastric banding

How does the weight loss after gastric banding surgery? The patient is in hospital 2 days. The ring is filled with liquid at once, but only 2 months after its installation. It is necessary that it should be strengthened as the first in the tissues. After that port puncture with a fine needle through which the input port of about 7 ml of fluid (water). After this, the patient begins to respect the above diet and weight loss begins. Weight loss occurs throughout the year. Typically, patients lose 50-60% of excess body weight. After that, the weight is stabilized and maintained for life.

The operation for the imposition of controlled ring on the stomach. The aim of the operation is in a sharp decrease in the amount of food eaten, and therefore reducing the amount of calories consumed. This is achieved by imposing a special ring (band) at the top of the stomach, just below the esophagus. Ring overlay gives the stomach an hourglass shape.

Between small and large part of the stomach creates a narrowing of the diameter of about 1 cm upper part of the stomach, over the ring, has a volume of 15-20 ml (ie, the amount of food that can fill the whole thing - it's just a tablespoon). Feedings at once fills the small ventricle and causes a very rapid feeling of fullness. Thus, a person may eat a little food at one time, the total number of calories consumed drastically reduced and the weight loss begins. Ring, which is superimposed on the stomach, is a complex device with a hydraulic system.

Gastric band device. The hydraulic system is a sleeve that is fixed on the inner surface of the ring, and which can swell. Via a connecting tube cuff connected to a device called a "port". The port is located under the skin of the abdomen. Port is intended to fill it through the whole system of fluid (saline solution).

Filling of liquid leads to the fact that the inner lumen of the ring decreases. Conversely, the removal of fluid from the system leads to an increase in the lumen. Thus, we have the opportunity to fine-tune the lumen narrowing of the needs of the individual patient. Sometimes, for a qualitative selection of the lumen narrowing requires several adjustments.

After applying the ring on the stomach requires a special diet. This mode is that you can not simultaneously take solid foods and drink fluids. The fact that the fluid may dilute the food eaten, and the effect of surgery may disappear. So you have to drink before a meal, or 1-1.5 hours after a meal. Failure to follow this principle will reduce the efficiency of operations.

Currently, surgery for the imposition of the ring on the stomach is done without an incision, a few punctures. Course of the operation is controlled with a special on-screen TV - monitor. This modern operation is called "laparoscopic gastric banding." The advantages of such an operation as compared with traditional surgery, which is done through an incision, include high cosmetic effect, virtually pain-free postoperative course, no need to comply with bed rest, and a very fast full patient recovery.

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