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Pregnancy and diet

Pregnancy and diet

The problem of pregnancy and dieting in general reduces to one thing - diet of pregnant women must be correct! She's now responsible not only for its adult body, which is used to carry different prison, and for the development of sensitive fragile literally the entire body of his child. It is therefore very important that you should eat, how much and how often. And in the diet during pregnancy will be formed to answer the question of how to get all the useful and to avoid harmful and unnecessary and that the baby was born healthy, and my mother kept strong teeth and nice hair.

The basic principle of the diet during pregnancy - moderation in diet, which in this case should be diverse and of high quality. Many people think that if you are eating for two, then you need to eat more than before. This is not the case, and a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen very uncomfortable and my mother has a bad effect on the child. The remaining principles of the diet during pregnancy are similar to those that are recommended for every healthy person. Food should take time to make it better processed and assimilated, and the normal interval between meals about 4-5 hours. But do not have no desire to, because the food is well absorbed only in the presence of appetite. Also, do not need to eat immediately upon awakening and at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.

The very same diet during pregnancy diet should include more vegetables, fruits, berries in kind. But we need to limit yourself to refined foods, canned goods and foods that contain dyes. Effect of preservatives and dyes on fetal development has not been studied fully. It is also desirable to avoid fried, salty and sugary foods. Excessive consumption of glucose can lead to obesity fetus, the child creates a predisposition to diabetes. Salt is in excess, more than the required 2-3 g, slows metabolism and causes salt deposits in the joints. And you make a mistake by using pregnancy as the reason to go to unusual foods.

Diet during pregnancy should consist of traditional dishes in your life, or exotic fruits, fed to you the most good intentions, can lead to a baby in one year of age diathesis. And instead of a large number of tangerines and oranges, perfectly suited cabbage and cranberries, Bulgarian pepper, and even fresh nettles.

Diet during pregnancy should be carefully balanced. 100-120 grams of protein per day, of which 70-90 g of animal origin, that is, milk, cottage cheese, eggs, meat, fish, milk drinks consistently useful (kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt). The need for fats during pregnancy is 80-100 g, of which not less than 20 g of vegetable. Carbohydrates in the diet of pregnant women must be no more than 350-400 grams per day. With care - an excess of carbohydrates leads to the formation of excessively large fetus, and these children are much more likely to be injured during birth.

Therefore, we recommend the second half of pregnancy to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to 300-350 g per day by reducing the amount of bread, flour products, sugar. But the protein at this time to take a little bigger than before. But fresh fruits and vegetables, berries, green-stuff needed on a daily basis to ensure that your body and the developing fetus in minerals and vitamins in sufficient quantities. If it does not work, do not forget to supplement the diet during pregnancy intake of dietary supplements containing vitamins and minerals.

Speaking of vitamins and minerals can not be avoided mentioning the calcium demand during pregnancy which increases several times, especially in the first trimester, when the process of forming the skeleton of the fetus. If the calcium fluoride or phosphorus is not enough, these trace elements are taken from the bones and teeth of the woman.

Therefore, diet during pregnancy should be saturated with calcium and related elements, without which he can not digest. So pitch in cottage cheese, cheese, milk, sea fish, which has a fluorine. The same fish, along with shrimp and seaweed, will serve as an excellent source of iodine, and whose importance for the full formation and development of the brain and the nervous system of the child can not be overstated!

Diet in pregnancy should include and folic acid, without which there is sufficient risk of prematurity and the development of a child's congenital malformations. You can increase the intake of folic acid by eating a lot of broccoli, baked potato, spinach and bananas. Some cereals also contain this acid. Doctors generally advise any woman planning a pregnancy, in addition to take daily medication, folic acid, from the time prior to conception and until the twelfth week of pregnancy.

And as always, remains the most terrible ban on smoking, from which you want to give up once and for all, and alcohol, which is most dangerous in the first three months. Physicians categorical on this issue - alcohol abuse and smoking, of course, cause great harm to the body of the future baby.

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