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Intestinal polyps - Diagnosis

Intestinal polyps - Diagnosis

Benign tumors of the colon are fairly common. These tumors are very tricky, they often grow in the lumen of the intestine, does not prove itself. Having reached a considerable size, they can block the lumen of the intestine. Usually small, these tumors sometimes attain a considerable size. Long-term inflammatory processes in the mucosa, may eventually lead to malignization polyps.

Clinic of intestinal polyps

The clinical picture is dependent on the number, location, and morphological structure of the polyps. When polyps isolated for a long time can not be any complaints. With multiple polyps and polyposis (polyps proliferation) asymptomatic does not occur. Polyposis is manifested by pain in the course of the colon, palpitations, often painful stools mixed with blood, mucus, pus. If polyps located in the final sections of the colon, often marked urge to defecate (tenesmus), and when combined with polyps of the rectum - the discomfort, pain, itching of the anus. When multiple polyps illness is accompanied by bleeding during and after bowel movements, diarrhea, leading to dehydration, intoxication and anemia.

Diagnosis of intestinal polyps

Physical examination, including palpation of the abdomen, a little help identify polyps. Contributes to the diagnosis X-ray or endoscopic examination of the intestine. At the same time able to set the number, size of polyps and colon length of the area affected by a pathological process.

Treatment of polyps

Endoscopic removal of intestinal polyps prevents the possibility of malignant transformation, and thus is the prevention of cancer.

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